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Feeling too lazy or tired to get on your yoga mat? We’ve prepared a list of the best Insta-yogis that will give you the boost you need to get up and nail that yoga pose you’ve been working towards for so long.

So get inspired, turn on your favorite yoga Youtube channel and start practicing right now!


When looking at the vivid, inspiring and graceful photos of Heidi, it’s hard to believe that in the past, she suffered from PTSD, sexual assault, rape, depression, and anxiety. Heidi found the path to healing in yoga and is now helping others deal with the trauma through sharing her experience, spreading love and compassion, and encouraging body positivity.

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So how do you regulate your nervous system and not simply "calm" it down? (see my last post for reference) This is my favorite part! First we want a solid understanding of our nervous systems. As you have noticed- identifying the subtle nuanced cues your body is giving you can be tricky but once you learn them- it becomes clear and you can identify where you are at as well as other people (super useful in EVERY relationship) From there you can use different methods to activate your healing and growth system. I prefer to use a specific body movement method. when your frontal lobes are offline- i find the path of least resistance is through body movement- not meditation (yet)! Now that you have successfully established regulation (there are cues and signals to look for), This brings you to the door of flow state which I have talked about many times before (there is also a description of it in the link in my bio) there are very specific triggers for flow. And once you've pulled them successfully- your in the prime space to do some serious work- both inner and outer. Flow is an altered state and as such gives you access to your subconscious programming. Here is where major re-wiring takes place. When you maintain that emotional and biological state for more than 20 minutes you have created permanent changes in brain structure. When you come out of flow- you have a new baseline and you are emotionally, psychologically and biologically different.  Do this on a daily basis and within 3 weeks your old neural networks are efficiently pruned away from lack of use.  You wouldnt believe the kind of changes that can happen in that time. You literally are a new person with new thoughts, new biology and new opportunities you are attuning too. This is what my course is all about. after having experienced this myself over and over again- I have no interest in playing it small. Once you feel this shift- you wont either. We have big dreams and now have the tools to achieve them at an accelerated rate! Join me! 30% off right now. Link in bio 💋💋💋 📷@kariannphoto

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A severe trauma from a powerlifting accident triggered a magical transformation from the Daniel Ryan De France to the Daniel Rama, a Teacher of the Yogas. Now Daniel is defying the law of gravity together with his partner and co-teacher @shaktibird_ as well as spreading good vibes and his knowledge as a yoga instructor organizing teacher training both in Europe and Asia.

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There are so many things which I currently find difficult, or all together impossible .. but when one finds and feels that connection, that extra set of hands, that added support system .. suddenly everything becomes possible. _____ Solo sticks break more easily my friends. Thanks for joining me @shaktibird_ 🖖🏼🌱 __________________________ My leggings @werkshop • Love & Blessings • • • • #inversionjunkie #yogaforall #igyogi #practicenotperfection #yogaislife #doyoga #gyminspiration #travelcommunity #travelcouples #travelandleisure #wanderfolk #goneoutdoors #adventureculture #lovegym #healthyrecipes #fitinspiration #vinyasa #myyogalife #yogaflow #yogastrong #becomingbalance #yogaposes

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Partly photographer, partly yogi, Mina captures beautiful shots of her practice, lifestyle, and travel. Her photos are filled with glow, tranquility, peacefulness, and the inspiration you might need to get up and stretch some muscle during your work break.

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[dslr: 50mm] “taking up space: a reclaiming. a recover” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ i spent time these two days just resting and realigning. i went to a yoga class with a lovely instructor who knew my story from monday. she gave me extra attention and these intimate, careful, loving assists. i am grateful for her. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ afterwards i did a strong pilates class with samantha who always makes me laugh for no reason. I am grateful for her too. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ it is important to recover and resume as best you can. my mornings aren’t as relaxed and quietly peaceful as they were previous to this week. i wake up with a slight tension. a slight apprehension. my jaw is tight. my sleep is light. im much more tired these mornings. but i still continue on…with a different morning routine, and a different perspective on awareness. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ so i made sure to take up space. bend. contort. reach out. take care of my body and self. it’s crucial to keep my fire no matter how exhausting it is to keep it lit amongst these predatory men. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ladies. keep yourself safe. take up space. and do whatever you need to be safe around men🌱

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Yoga Vered is a true inspiration for all the moms out there (and not only!). With three kids, she manages to find time for her yoga practice every day and shares her transformation on Instagram and Youtube channel. You may be admiring all the bendy yogis and think that they are achieving the impossible. Vered says that everyone can do it – “Practice and all will come.” She shares her ‘then and now’ progress photos and videos and how-to tips on getting into a specific pose.


Melini Jesudason seems to have been born a yogi. Her complex poses will leave you with a jaw dropped and will make you hit that mat right away! Just don’t forget that Melini has reached her success through years of practice and more than 1000 hours of yoga teacher training.


Certified AcroYoga instructors Max and Liz show what #couplegoals really means in real life. They met in 2013 and since then have been physically and mentally supporting and lifting each other everywhere they go: at home, in the street, and even in the smoothie bar.

Did you know that couples yoga can strengthen your relationships? Read more about couples yoga and its benefits here.

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People always ask – “How is Liz so beastly?!” 😅 The secret is that she chills in backplank on my feet! 😂 When we‘re in Miami, visiting my fam, she even has me fly her in backplank while everyone watches TV 📺 Liz got so comfortable up there that it’s a little scary, but backplank really makes the body integrate! (Think: hollowbody on top of a person’s feet 🤔) She will randomly have me fly her like this now, even as we are teaching (or in this case hydrating with @VitaCoco, as you know Liz loves her drinks ♥️) Because of the long duration of the holds, I have started using my phone to catch up on work while she is up there. I guess she is a prime example – make working out fun, and it will never be a chore! Integrate it into your life and you will always have time, no matter how busy you are ♥️

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Longing for some colors? The founder of Laughing Lotus Studio in NYC and glitter-lover Dana Trixie Flynn will bring vibrancy and laughs into your Insta feed.


A traveling yoga teacher Erin Kelly will hypnotize you with her playful flows mostly recorded at home in her kitchen. Her yoga sequences often involving handstands are a form of art, and her posts are truly genuine and laced with emotions and stories of her past life and addictions.

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Helllllloooo loves, honestly today kicked my butt and to top it off I pushed a full size fridge 20 some odd blocks on that long board. 😂🙈- – Takes functional fitness to a whole new level. 👊🏽- – I’m spending the holiday away from home this year. So, I really want to hear what you all are doing, any funny stories? any exciting mishaps? If you are up to it, fill me in. 🙋🏼‍♀️😘 I could use some bits of holiday cheer, or not cheer 🤷🏼‍♀️😂- – In other news, I am beyond excited about receiving my @venndesign ball chairs, seriously I sort of want to fill my whole house with these puffins. 🥰- – Song @rockyheron I heart you and your music. ❤️- – #brightonbeach #ukfit #ukfitness #ukyoga #londonfitness #londonyoga #doyouevenliftbro #handstand #femalecalisthenics #brightonandhove

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Nearly 20 years ago, after the severe climbing accident, the doctors told Deepika that she might never walk again. But thanks to her unbroken spirit and perseverance, she found help in meditation and yoga. Deepika became a student of the very same Shri K Pattabhi Jois who founded Ashtanga Yoga and later launched her own yoga TV show and started giving workshops and individual classes to the most famous Indian celebrities.


Julio Bajdaun is an AcroYoga teacher and filmmaker based in LA. His snapshots are filled with sun and positivity and break the stereotype that men are less flexible than women. There is something magical in the pics of levitating people and Julio lifting his yoga partners up in the air with only one hand.


A certified Yoga & Pilates instructor, Riva G has more than 15 years of yoga experience under her belt. Her Instagram is a breathtaking collection of beautiful shots taken at different locations – from the concrete jungles to deserted tropical palm beaches. Riva also records short videos with yoga tips for better practice at home.


The yoga instructor, body positivity activist and the author of Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get on the Mat, Love Your Body Jessamyn Stanley changes the long-standing paradigm that yoga is about being skinny and white. ‘I see with my soul instead of my eyes,’ says Jessamyn. Having found peace in yoga after suffering from body acceptance issues, bullying, substance abuse, Jessamyn inspires people of every color, age, weight and size with her openness. So whatever fears you might have when stepping on the mat, you are not alone. If others can do it, you can do it too!


Having left her acting job in Lisbon, Lita Sattva dedicated all her free time to doing and teaching Rocket Yoga – an offshoot of the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Apart from yoga, Lita enjoys spending time on the beach, traveling, and reading.


Painting, yoga, and jewelry – this is the part of life Gabriela Pomplova shares on her Insta profile. This woman is pure bliss and here feed bursts with colors.


Sam Gach is perhaps one of the funniest yogis on Insta. He’s authentic and real, and his adorable yoga helper Ella will make you awww every time. Sam combines yoga with comedy in his short videos and photos of his yoga progress.


Danielle Acoff is a dancer, model and a yoga instructor who fell in love with the yoga way of slowing down nearly 8 years ago. Her gorgeous photos are filled with sun, and the way she just casually hangs in the doorways will leave you puzzled for days.


Tamara Levinson aka Cuchira is not your typical Insta influencer or blogger. Tamara has a background of the rhythmic gymnast, professional movement artist, choreographer, aerialist, yoga practitioner, and more. She has danced on a world tour with many famous artists (and even Madonna herself). Recently, Tamara has founded MovMEANt – the mixture of yoga, gymnastics, and dance – the therapeutic tool that heals body and mind through movements, self-expression. Her Instagram is full of avant-garde, yoga, and authenticity.

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Just moved to Portugal. Soon I’ll be looking to set up PLAYshops throughout Europe. Also maybe thinking about doing a weekly class in Lisbon or Estoril/Cascais area. If any studios are interested in hosting this type of class email me at [email protected] As I continue traveling sharing my art/craft/therapy I’m thinking of mixing up my two disciplines of #MovMEANT & #Yogance. Both these types of movements are a part of my daily practice & their benefits are beyond words. You’ll just have to come & try it for yourselves in my PLAYshops ☺️. I’d like to share both these disciplines with my #BEYOUtiful warriors as I continue to travel & offer my knowledge. #MovMEANT is loosely guided free movement. Allowing one to deeply connect with self through eMOTION & deep self awareness. Moving without rules. Being one with self, listening to the body speak out and purge its truths. Incredibly healing #movementmedicine. #YOGANCE is technical play. Working strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance in a well balanced intelligent practice with creative sequencing. This allows the body to stay strong & supple for a healthier you. What do you guys think? Would you be interested in weekend PLAYshops where one day is #Yogance and the next day is #MovMEANT?

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Dana is an amazingly warm and cute yogi who condemns fatphobia and encourages no-diet culture and body positivity. Dana runs an online studio where you can pay what you want for a monthly subscription.


Samuel Nwokeka found his way into yoga after the skiing accident. He received his first teacher training in Goa, India and since then has been giving away smiles to his students around the world.

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Surround yourself with ambitious people that do something they’re passionate about • On shoot yesterday with one of the most passionate inspiring people I know @madeleine.penfold whatever you’re after she is your photographer! can’t wait for everything to come together • Find me putting some passion into classes this week ~ MONDAY @moreyoga_ Camden 7:30am (60) – Rocket 🚀 ~ TUESDAY #NBBYOGA Brixton 7:30pm (60) – £5 first class DM to book ~ WEDNESDAY @bloklondon Shoreditch 6:20am (60) Vinyasa ~ SATURDAY @moreyoga_ Clapham 4:30pm (60) YIN ~ SUNDAY @yogahaven Islington 10:30am (75) Rocket @bloklondon Clapton 2:45pm (60) Rocket @moreyoga_ FinsPark 5pm (60) Rocket & 615pm (60) YIN

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If you’re a visual person and rarely read the posts accompanying Insta pictures then you’d appreciate the yoga art by the Russian yogi Rimma Pryadchenko. A mother of two and a wife, Rimma writes her posts in Russian with no English translation, but thanks to her education as an artist and creative personality creates breathtaking shots of her yoga practice.

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Информационные эгрегоры у блогеров Если вы это читаете, то скорее всегда я на вас похожа, а вы на меня. Если вы это читаете, скорее всего вы . 🔸визуал, картинка для вас важнее чем текст . 🔸творческий человек, вы рисуете, лепите, шьёте, мастерите и тп . 🔸 имеете какой-то отношение к спорту/йоге/танцам , а если не имеете, то очень хотите иметь . 🔸любите всё нетривиальное . 🔸интроверт, домосед . 🔸семейный человек. Семейные ценности для вас превыше всего . 🔸любите детей. Своих. Чужих. Очень печально наблюдать, что наша нация больше раздражается на них, нежели рада . 🔸инстаграм читаете по минимуму, и только полезные блоги, предпочтёте книгу блоггерским текстам . 🔸не любите в инстаграме «дом2» : читать и обсуждать чужие отношения, лезть в чужую жизнь, давать советы, собирать сплетни . 🔸 занимаетесь благотворительностью . 🔸занимаетесь саморазвитием, учитесь в любом возрасте . 🔸 за добро и позитив . 🔸любите Тоторо(шутка) . Если хотябы половина относится к вам, то значит вы попали в мой информационный эгрегор. Обнимаю своих.

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Where do you get inspiration for your yoga practice?

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