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15 Best Youtube Channels to Improve Your Home Yoga Practice

Laura Finch on November 25, 2019
Laura is a yoga teacher who completed 200 hours of training.

Practicing yoga under the guidance of the professional is always the best option. But let’s face it, our hectic daily lives sometimes do not give us a chance to make it to the yoga studio, creating tons of obstacles on our way.

Whether it’s the late hours at work, restless kids at home, vacation out of town, or maybe even the common fear of just stepping into the yoga class for the first time – no sweat!

We have created a list of the best Youtube channels containing free yoga workouts from certified yoga instructors so that you could get a one-to-one studio experience from the comfort of your home. Find your favorite channel, choose your level, and start feeling the benefits of yoga practice as soon as possible.

Fightmaster Yoga

The founder of Fightmaster Yoga Lesley Fightmaster has something to offer to everyone. Check out her 30-day yoga for beginners if you’re new to the practice or Yoga Fix 90 if you’re trying to get into a habit of practicing yoga daily. The channel also features yoga for weight loss, Vinyasa yoga, and Ashtanga classes as well as full body stretching sessions grouped into categories according to their duration. If you’re taking the day off from yoga, check out her guided meditation videos.

With her calming voice and a pinch of humor, Lesley will lead you through the most challenging yoga poses. And if you’re not ready for one, offer you adjustments. Lesley extensively makes use of the yoga props, such as yoga straps and yoga blocks, giving you illustrative examples of how they can advance your practice even if you’re not a novice.

Who will like the channel: yogis of all levels interested in meditation and the incorporation of yoga props into the practice.

Yoga With Adriene

If you still haven’t heard of Adriene, we’re happy to introduce you to a new yoga queen of the Internet. With more than 4 million subscribers, Adriene is inspiring people of all ages and body to ‘find what feels good,’ bringing mindfulness into their daily lives.

Yoga with Adriene is extremely beginner-friendly. Her Foundations of Yoga course or a 30-day yoga challenge are excellent and accessible ways to start your yoga journey. The instructions are clear, and Adriene’s funny jokes will make even the most serious yogis smile. Adriene gives useful tips for modifications using props, how to identify whether you’re stretching correctly and whether your body is feeling how it should in a specific pose.

There are also a variety of yoga sequences for people who want to advance in their practice such as yoga for weight loss, yoga for stress and anxiety, yoga for runners, and many more.

Who will like the channel: absolute beginners as well as intermediate-level and advanced yogis who enjoy full explanations to poses, alignment tips, and who want to have a good laugh during their yoga session.

Yoga With Tim

Tim Senesi is one of the few yoga instructors out there who focus strongly on alignment, nuances of poses, and principles of movement. With his heart-warming smile, soothing voice and in-depth explanations, Tim makes the channel extremely useful for both beginners and experienced yogis who want to gain a deeper theoretical foundation behind the yoga poses.

Yoga sequences are well thought-out and slow, yet will help you build full body strength. Take a shot at Tim’s 7-day yoga challenge, a series of half-hour yoga workouts, because according to Tim “30 minutes a day could change your life.”

Who will like the channel: absolute beginners and experts who crave for sequences with in-depth instructions and alignment tips.


The Yoga TX channel features tutorials from a variety of certified yoga teachers and offers all kinds of yoga practice – from a soft and relaxing one to strong and challenging flows.

Don't miss Cole Chance videos. She is one of the most beloved instructors among the Reddit community because of her soothing voice and her teaching style focusing on the therapeutic side of yoga. After overcoming her addiction, Cole is a great example of how yoga can be your best friend on the path to recovery. She also seems to always find the right moment to tell when to pull your shoulders back when you start slacking off.

Yoga TX also offers great sequences of yoga for back pain relief and weight loss suitable for beginners.

Who will like the channel: yogis who are on the way of recovery and are looking for an inspirational role model; as well as those suffering from back or neck pain.

Bad Yogi

Erin Motz believes that you don’t have to be anything (skinny, young, vegan, hippie, etc.) to do yoga. Being sick and tired of all the cliches and stereotypes surrounding the yoga community, Erin founded the Bad Yogi, a place for real people and real bodies where failure is welcome.

In her channel, you can find various yoga tutorials, from pose guidance and how-to’s, beginner and full-body yoga, yoga challenges, meditation videos, and even ‘yoga for when you don’t know what to do.’ Erin also shares her vlogs of the life as a bad yogi which include a great deal of good humor.

Erin instructions are clear and precise and offer various poses modifications for the days when you want to cut yourself some slack.

Who will like the channel: yoga newbies and experienced yogis who want to see the real person on the other side of their computer screen instead of just another yoga instructor.

Kino Yoga

Kino MacGregor has over 20 years of experience with yoga. Her channel is an encyclopedia of yoga asanas and a collection of full-body workouts and tutorials on backbands and handstands.
Kino does a great job by breaking down even the most challenging poses and explaining the common mistakes that should be avoided.

If you’re an absolute beginner and feel that inversions sound a bit too overwhelming, check out Yoga Basics playlists or take part in a 30-day beginner yoga challenge. This is where you’ll find in-depth step-by-step explanations of the poses and slowly move towards better flexibility, better balance and strength, and better you.

Who will like the channel: absolute beginners and experienced practitioners who want to explore Ashtanga yoga, improve their alignment and finally nail that handstand.


DoYogaWithMe offers tons of free full-session yoga and Pilates videos led by professionals. There are more than 20 instructors contributing to DoYogaWithMe community, making it easy to familiarize yourself with different teaching styles and find the one that works for you.

You can filter the videos by level, duration and yoga style. From absolute beginners to seasoned yogi, DoYogaWithMe is aiming at every level so that everyone would be able to improve their yoga practice from the comfort of their home. The possibility of choosing between Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini Yoga and more will bring versatility into your yoga routine.

Who will like the channel: everyone! Thanks to the diversity in levels, styles and yoga teachers, every yogi will be able to find what works best for them whether you’re an absolute beginner or an advanced practitioner.

Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter is an NYC-based meditation and yoga instructor and an author of the book Shades of the Soul: A Meditation Journal. Faith is one of few women of color yoga professionals who are actually active on Youtube and who promote diversity in the yoga community.

Her channel includes a number of yoga sequences such as morning yoga routines (as short as 10 minutes), yoga tutorials for runners and Vinyasa Yoga Flows filmed specially for Lululemon and Alo Moves.

When you’re too lazy and planning to skip your yoga class, check out her timelapse yoga videos for inspiration. We guarantee that these will definitely get you in the workout mood!

Faith also uploads helpful meditation tutorials suitable even for complete beginners. Check out her 30-day meditation challenge created for DoYouYoga. Faith’s soothing voice and clear instructions will help you ‘let it go’ and experience a new level of relaxation.

Who will like the channel: People who are looking for beginner meditation and mindfulness tips. Yogis who search for new ideas and sequences for their home routine. Absolute beginners in yoga might find her home yoga sequences too fast and the lack of explanations confusing.

Five Parks Yoga

Erin Sampson has been teaching yoga for 10 years already and created the Youtube channel to help her students practice from home. The channel turned pretty successful gaining nearly 100 000 subscribers and helping Erin connect with the yogis all around the world.

The yoga classes are sorted according to their length: from short 10-20 minutes flows to full 75 minutes sessions, and according to the body parts the class targets. With more than 250+ videos, you can try yourself out in Vinyasa Flows, Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Stretching and many more.

Erin doesn’t talk too much, just enough to explain the pose without the unnecessary fluff or rambling. Her videos have no music background, but are accompanied by the soothing sounds of the ocean, wind and chirping birds – the classes are filmed in a beautiful natural setting of Costa Rica and Colorado.

Who will like the channel: yogis of all levels who like to focus on their practice and nothing more - no unnecessary background chanting and not too many explanations. Just yoga in the beautiful setting!

Man Flow Yoga

Contrary to its name, Man Flow Yoga is not only for men. In fact, the channel welcomes everyone who likes the physical aspect of the practice but can’t stand the yoga philosophy and gratitude mantras squeezed in between.

Man Flow Yoga mostly focuses on yoga for building strength and offers beginner-friendly sequences as well as caters for intermediate and advanced levels. But what’s important is that Man Flow Yoga sequences and tutorials are designed with male yogis in mind. Men might find it harder to get into some poses when compared to women yogis, and Man Flow Yoga takes into account these differences.

Apart from the yoga tutorials, you can find useful info and tips on common fitness issues such as preventing injury, how to build muscles and increase strength with low impact training; Q&A sessions and lifestyle advice.

Don't miss a live workout every Wednesday held by the founder of Man Flow Yoga Dean Pohlman.

Who will like the channel: yogis who are striving to gain muscle and build strength with yoga and are looking for guided no-frill workouts.

Yoga With Kassandra

Yoga with Kassandra is the channel to visit if your mind and body crave for a slow-paced restorative practice. Kassandra, a certified yoga instructor, offers a great collection of Yin Yoga classes suitable for both beginners and seasoned yogis. Intermediate-level practitioners will also appreciate her Vinyasa and Power Yoga - fiery flows to work your core and build strength.

Kassandra’s instructions are perfectly clear, and there’s a decent amount of time between poses so that everyone could keep up. The yoga classes are shot either from the home/studio setting or in the beautiful locations and are usually accompanied by the soothing music in the background.

The channel has one of the best navigation menus among the yoga instructors. You can filter classes by style; by focus (morning yoga, yoga for flexibility and tight hips, yoga for athletes, etc.); by length (from as short as 5-10 minutes ‘quickies’ to full 90 minutes yoga sessions); and by level.

Who will like the channel: fans of slow and relaxing yoga as well as intermediate to advanced level yogis who prefer more active Power and Vinyasa Flow.

Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful is a lifestyle brand created by a traveling couple Juliana & Mark. Juliana has been a fitness and Pilates instructor for more than 8 years and is sharing her Pilates, yoga and meditation videos on their channel.

The lessons are divided according to the level of difficulty - from beginner to advance workouts and feature such styles and variations as Vinyasa Power Flow, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, yoga for belly fat and splits, yoga for sleep and many more. All the videos are shot in beautiful natural locations in Asia, Central and South Americas.

Juliana and Mark also share videos from their travels, vegan food recipes, and lifestyle.

Who will like the channel: yogis who are interested in traveling, veganism, and conscious living. Absolute beginners in yoga you might find the pacing a bit too fast and some poses too challenging.


Who said yoga has to be super serious and spiritual all the time? Sean Vigue will make sure you have a good laugh during the yoga class with the Mozart in the background while making you sweat and your core burn.

Sean has a very bubbly and cheerful personality and cracks lots of jokes during his videos, making the practice fun! His teaching style is very open to everyone, whether men, women, kids or teens.

The channel offers more than 450 workouts, mainly focusing on yoga and Pilates with strength training infused. You can choose between Power Yoga, Core Yoga, Boot Camp, Bodyweight & Pilates videos as short as 10 minutes so no more lame excuses about not having the time for the workout.

Who will like the channel: yogis who wish to have a good laugh and are not interested in the spiritual side of the yoga. Beginners might find the workouts slightly too fast and challenging.

Ekhart Yoga

Ekhart Yoga features one of the largest Youtube collections of yoga tutorials and sequences available. Yoga from tip to toe tutorials for various levels, meditation, philosophy of the practice such as the talks about the eight limbs of yoga, smoothie recipes are just some of the things you will come across on the channel. All the instructors are professionally certified yoga teachers with years of experience under the belt.

Who will like the channel: yogis of any level; thanks to the diversity in yoga styles and tutorial duration, everyone will find something for themselves.


Do you like to challenge yourself? Then visit the DOYOUYOGA Youtube channel. A community of the leading yoga instructors has prepared a list of daily workouts to boost your practice.

Never done yoga before? Check the playlist of the How-To videos and join the Yoga for Beginners Starter Kit with some workouts as short as 5 minutes. Stuck at work until late and have no time for yoga? DOYOUYOGA has an Office Challenge for you.

30 Days of Yoga Challenge, 14-Day Yoga Shred Challenge, Men’s 30-Day Yoga Challenge - DOYOUYOGA will help you build a new habit painlessly and with ease.

Who will like the channel: fans of yoga challenges; complete beginners and experienced yogis who want to form a new healthy habit.

Do you find it harder or easier to practice at home? Why?

Share your opinion in the comments!

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4 comments on “15 Best Youtube Channels to Improve Your Home Yoga Practice”

  1. Love practicing at home when I'm not feeling like leaving the house. I just put my iPad on and do my routines slowly. Thanks for the article - subscribed to a couple channels I didn't know before.

  2. Sean Vigue’s yoga and Pilates workouts are the best! He really is funny and keeps you cracking up. I took his classes years ago and was heartbroken when he moved away. I’m so thankful I can continue taking his classes on line and laugh along the way.

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