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Unique Yoga Gift Ideas For People Who Do Yoga

Laura Finch on May 28, 2021
Laura is a yoga teacher who completed 200 hours of training.

Attention is the best gift you can give to a yogi in your life. Yet, when this attention is accompanied by a yoga-related present, all the better!

If you’re struggling to choose an excellent gift for a close one who loves yoga, check out these unique and thoughtful gift ideas that every yogi will appreciate, whether they are just starting out or have been practicing yoga for years.

This list of yoga gift ideas is perfect for any gender, every occasion, and any budget.

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Yoga Gift Ideas For Traveling Yogis

Keeping up with yoga practice while traveling is not an easy task, believe me. You can’t take all your yoga gear with you. Hell, sometimes a yoga mat alone is just too heavy!

Make sure to choose gifts that are either very practical or light and small so that your traveling yogi friend could enjoy your thoughtful present on the road instead of leaving it at home.

Some fresh ideas for the present are:

  • a set of yoga socks and yoga gloves that will replace a yoga mat
  • a lightweight travel yoga mat
  • a water bottle to keep them hydrated
  • a roomy carry-on yoga backpack to fit their yoga gear
  • a sleep mask/eye pillow for long flights and restorative Savasana
  • a custom-made travel bracelet with geographical coordinates of their favorite place
  • online yoga subscription so that they could do yoga wherever they go. Yoga International is my favorite. Click here to try it for 14 days for free (cancel anytime!);

Bracelets by Life Less Ordinary

Browse More Bracelets Here

Yoga Gift Ideas For Stressed-Out Yogis

Even yoga lovers need to take it easy some times and organize a home wellness spa. Especially after being stuck in traffic for an hour after a yoga class.

If you’ve noticed your close one does stress-relief pranayama, explores yoga poses for anxiety and has a twitching eye on top of that, consider getting them:

  • a set of candles to light up their evenings
  • aromatherapy set for better sleep and relaxation
  • incense sticks + incense holder
  • a home spa set to soak in after a tough day
  • zen decorations to remind them to breathe and stay calm
  • a portable massager

Yoga Gift Ideas For Fashionistas

You can’t have too many yoga pants, alright? But that said, I wouldn’t recommend buying yoga pants unless they are One-Size-Fits-Most as these hippie yoga pants below are. Also, consider getting your yogi:

  • stylish jewelry such as a bracelet or a necklace
  • a cool and practical headband
  • a streetwear top from a well-known yoga band
  • YogaClub subscription box so that they get cool items from the well-known yoga apparel brands at a discounted price

Elastic smocked waist is super stretchy and fits the waist range from 24 inches (61 cm) – 44 inches (111 cm).

Shop For More Hippie Styles Here

Check out these inspirational yoga decorations that will become a perfect gift for yogis who are setting up their home yoga space.

Yoga Gift Ideas For Thrill-Seekers

If your close one is not only a yoga enthusiast but also an adrenaline and inversion junkie, you have to think out of the box when choosing the present. A pair of colorful yoga blocks just won’t cut it.

Here are a few unique and thoughtful yoga gift ideas:

  • a yoga swing to learn to fly
  • a headstand/inversion chair to get stronger and fearless
  • a yoga wheel to experiment in a daily yoga practice
  • an acupressure mat to reduce muscle tension and increase blood circulation
  • a balance board to maintain thrill and balance while working at a desk

Funny Yoga Gifts For Wine Lovers

Beer yoga is a big hit. I always say that wine yoga deserves fame too!

If your friend loves yoga and wine, then they must have a great sense of humor as well. In which case, choosing a yoga gift is a no-brainer.

Here are a few ideas:

  • wine glass charms
  • a wine glass with a funny yoga quote on it
  • a set of coasters
  • an instructional book on wine yoga
  • a piece of clothing with a hilarious yoga quote

Thoughtful Yoga Gifts For Environmentally-Conscious Yogis

Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word for practicing non-violence and expressing love for everything that surrounds us. That includes not only the love towards all living things on earth but the planet itself. Yogis who practice ahimsa on and off their mat will appreciate Eco-friendly presents that are long-lasting, biodegradable, and do not harm the environment.

Some yoga gift ideas include:

  • a yoga block made of organic material (such as buckwheat hulls)
  • a cotton yoga mat that will serve them for ages
  • yoga apparel or yoga décor made of recycled plastic bottles
  • biodegradable straws to enjoy a glass of after-yoga kombucha
  • vegan and eco-friendly skincare made specifically for active yogis

Buckwheat Yoga Block From Carolina Morning

Check the price and details here

123FRÉ Skincare Set

Check the price and details here

Yoga Gifts For Bookworms

A lifetime is not enough to read all the books about yoga and to grasp all the wisdom. Yet, you can bring your yogi friend one book closer to enlightenment and understanding the yoga essence by presenting them with a unique gift that will guide them in their practice.

Yoga Gift Ideas For Creative Souls

Creative yoga enthusiasts will surely enjoy a present that they have to either assemble themselves or interact with it somehow. And it also makes for a fun activity you can do together!

Here are some ideas for creative yoga lovers:

  • a bonsai starter kit to make their yoga space greener
  • essentials to make the terrarium
  • a yoga anatomy coloring book
  • pouf for yoga corner that they have to fill in themselves
  • yoga decor for their own home yoga corner
  • a gift card for vegan cooking courses like these ones from Veecoco.

Best Yoga Gift Ideas For Spiritual Junkies

Whether you believe in the cosmic energy and the subtle body or not, your yoga companion who does will definitely appreciate your support and understanding on their spiritual journey.

Here are some gift ideas for yogis who started exploring the spiritual side of yoga practice:

  • a meditation pillow
  • a bracelet made of natural stones to balance the chakras
  • a singing bowl for meditation
  • a set of crystals for protection, mental clarity
  • a smudge kit for spiritual cleansing
  • a deck of tarot cards
  • a dream journal

Yoga Gift Ideas For Yoga Instructors

Choosing a yoga gift for a yoga teacher is a tough problem since often they probably already have all the gear and equipment for daily practice. A yoga mat is often a hit-and-miss gift (unless you explicitly know what yoga mat your yoga lover wants. While a mat cleaning spray with essential oils or a yoga planner will always be considered as thoughtful presents.

Here are some other gift ideas for yoga teachers:

  • yoga dice to spice up the usual routine
  • knee pad cushions or wrist jellies for extra support during daily practice
  • meditation timer
  • inspirational yoga wall art for their home or studio

Yoga Gift Ideas For Newbies

If the person you're choosing a present for has just started their yoga journey, there's no better gift than a practical yoga set for beginners or an essential, yet stylish, accessory for their yoga gear collection.

Renting studio equipment is often no fun at all, let alone hygienic. Besides, with their own set of yoga props, your yoga enthusiast can enjoy the freedom of practicing whenever and wherever they like.

Here are some gift ideas for yoga beginners:

  • a beginner set of yoga gear
  • an instructional yoga mat
  • a yoga mat bag
  • a pair of yoga blocks
  • a collection of educational yoga poses posters
  • yoga cards
  • a yoga DVD for beginners to start their at-home practice

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