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32 Yoga Gift Ideas For Men Who Love Yoga

Laura Finch on May 28, 2021
Laura is a yoga teacher who completed 200 hours of training.

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just want to pamper a male yogi you know, a thoughtful yoga-related gift will always be met with appreciation.

Here's my go-to list of personalized, well-made, and thoughtful yoga presents for him that will inspire and guide the man in your life to get on the yoga mat.

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For Absolute Beginners

If a man you know has been thinking of taking up yoga for a long time, a Yoga Beginner Starter Kit or essential yoga items are the best investment. These include:

    • a yoga mat – extra thick and extra wide for added comfort;
    • a yoga mat carrier – to carry all things yoga;
    • a set of yoga blocks and a strap – to start improving mobility and ease into challenging postures;
    • a yoga DVD for beginners – for male yogis who're starting out their yoga practice at home;
    • a yoga book for complete newbies – to guide a male yogi in their practice;
    • a yearly subscription to a yoga streaming service - so he could practice anywhere and any time; Yoga International is my favorite. Click here to try it for 14 days for free (cancel anytime!);
    • a monthly pass to a local studio - so there won't be lame excuses on his part anymore.

Basically, try to present your man with anything that will make it easier for him to start doing yoga. Don't forget to choose the yoga props in his favorite color or pattern. Sometimes these are small things that help us get back on the mat every single day.

For Down-To-Earth Experienced Male Yogis

If a man you're choosing the gift for is a regular yogi and a practical person in daily life, go for useful yoga gifts that he can take to a yoga class. Or get him something that will help him improve in his asana practice, spiritual journey, or general wellness. Here are some ideas:

      • a cool yoga prop – something that most people don't have, but you find it to be super handy;
      • a meditation cushion/zafu – so that his meditation session could last longer and become cozier;
      • an educational yoga book – that will help them learn more about anatomy, for example;
      • a ticket to a yoga workshop – to learn from the best in the yoga community;
      • a Spotify/Pandora subscription – so they can enjoy their yoga playlists ad-free;
      • a vegan online course membership to diversify their diet and improve their cooking skills.

For Fitness-Minded Dudes

If the male yogi you know is all about fitness, then yoga is probably not the only activity he's enjoying. Look for gifts that are versatile and can be used for a variety of physical activities: yoga, gym, running, boxing, etc. For example:

      • a set of mat and hand towel for hot yoga – despite being called a "yoga towel," this essential sports accessory is exceptionally functional and will serve your male yogi in any fitness setting, whether a yoga studio, gym, or even a pool;
      • yoga workout pants – go for lightweight and flexible bottoms that will stretch with him and wick away sweat during cardio workouts;
      • a warm hoodie – for staying warm in-between trainings;
      • a water flask for hot and cold drinks – to stay hydrated or getting warm during the cold season.

For Male Yogis With A Sense of Humor

I love choosing yoga gifts for men with a great sense of humor! You can experiment and get creative with your choices – they will accept a fun present with gratitude. Here are a few fun yoga gift ideas:

      • a set of yoga joes – that are just cute to look at;
      • a hilarious yoga book – so that he could color, relieve stress and laugh at the same time;
      • a yoga cup with a funny quote – for a positive morning every single day;
      • a set of yoga wine glasses - for sophisticated yoga talks while drinking wine.

For Spiritual Seekers

If you can describe a male yogi in your life as curious, conscious, a seeker who is always looking for ways for self-improvement; if he practices meditation or is interested in how our subtle energy is connected to the energy of the Universe, then choose a yoga gift that will support him on the path of spiritual self-discovery. Depending on his interests, it might be:

      • mala beads and chakra jewelry – for counting mantras and more focused meditation;
      • workshop on reiki – to master the art of healing;
      • subtle energy tools – that will help him expand the consciousness and balance the chakras;
      • a smudge kit – for cleansing his home and yoga corner;
      • a classic yoga book – that will become the guide for spirituality and meditation;
      • a healing crystal set - to support him on his spiritual path;
      • a guided meditation CD – to step on the trail of self-discovery.

For Home Practitioners

If your male yogi who's mostly practicing at home hasn't set up a home yoga space yet, then he definitely should! (Read here how creating my personal yoga corner helped my yoga practice). Here are a few ideas on how to support a man you know in their at-home yoga practice:

      • inspirational yoga décor for his yoga corner – to remind him of how good yoga makes him feel;
      • candles and lamps – to make evening yoga practice cozier and to add more light to the room on dark winter days;
      • essential oil diffuser or an incense set – to harness the power of healing fragrance;
      • a deck of affirmation cards – to set an intention and motivation for home practice;
      • a yoga blanket – for restorative yoga and cuddly evenings on the couch.

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