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I'm so happy you're here. 

Now, give yourself a big pat on the back. Just by signing up, you've taken the first (and the hardest) step towards a healthier and greener YOU. 

This digital library contains useful resources that will help you move more, stress less, and stay mindfully green both on and off your yoga mat. I update the library with new freebies at least once a month and will drop you a quick email so you won't miss any of the good stuff. 

Use the navigation below to find resources according to the category. Alternatively, press Ctrl + F on your keyboard and type the keyword you're interested in (e.g., "flexibility" or "sun salutation") on your laptop to navigate through available freebies.

Feel free to message me at [email protected] if you have any questions or suggestions. Enjoy!

Yoga Routines

Simple โ€œGood Morningโ€ Yoga Flow
Short Yoga Routine For Beginners
Sun Salutation A: Classic Variation
Sun Salutation A: Low Lunge Variation
Feel Good Yoga Flow
Yoga For Flexibility: "Motion Is Lotion"
Yoga For Stress Relief: "Stretch The Stress Out"
Release Fear And Anxiety Yoga Flow
Evening Yoga For Relaxation & Sleep
Standing Yoga For Strength & Balance
Lazy Yoga For Low-Energy Days

Cheat Sheets

Must-Know Yoga Poses 
Sanskrit Yoga Terms 101 
Yoga Poses For Flexibility 
33 Yoga Wheel Exercises
15 Yoga Poses For Neck & Upper Back Relief
8 Power Yoga Moves For Calorie Burn
10 Chair Yoga Stretches


Sun Salutation A: 30-Day Challenge 


Habit Tracker 
4-Week Yoga Workout Calendar 

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