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Are You A Manufacturer/Distributor Of Yoga Products?

We are happy to review your product for free and offer honest feedback from real yogis that will help you grow and improve.

How Does It Work?

Send us a sample of your yoga product. Our yoga team will put it through the rigorous test of daily yoga practice and provide detailed feedback about the product.

What's In This For You?

Besides sharing with you a genuine opinion from real yogis about the product you're planning to launch, we always recommend the gear that lives up to our standards to our audience. If we like the product and find it useful to our readers, we'll publish a non-biased, in-depth, dedicated review at We'll include an in-article follow link to your home and product pages as well as promote the product on our all media channels. Check our product reviews here.

How Long Does It Take To Test & Review The Product?

It depends. We strive to recommend our readers the gear that we ourselves would be happy to buy and use. Since it takes a while to check the quality and durability of the product, we can't provide the exact time frame within which the product is expected to be reviewed.

What If We Don't Like Your Product

If we experience any quality issues with your product or some of the features are not working as advertised, we'll send you and publish honest feedback. We can't recommend the faulty or low-quality product to the readers of Yogakali.

Let's Get In Touch!

Have any questions, suggestions, or want to get in touch with us regarding your yoga products? Fill in the contact form here or send us an e-mail to [email protected] with the subject line PRODUCT REVIEW.

Get the freebies!

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