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These 24 Yoga Essentials Are Eco-Friendly & Ethically Made

Laura Finch on February 11, 2020
Laura is a yoga teacher who completed 200 hours of training.

Taking care of your body and mind with yoga feels good. But you know what feels even better? Knowing your yoga lifestyle doesn't trash the planet.

In light of climate change, your shopping choices now are as important as ever.

Luckily, more and more yoga brands are starting to take sustainability seriously and focusing on green practices. So shopping for stylish and functional yoga gear that is also producing less waste is becoming easier each season.

Keep reading for the best eco-friendly and ethical yoga products that are made with love for the environment and you.

Four Essential Tips To Become A More Responsible Shopper

Choose sustainable fabrics and materials. Producing every piece of yoga gear has a carbon footprint. The question is, how big?

Next time you're looking for a new yoga top or a pair of yoga blocks, consider eco-friendly natural fibers (organic cotton, linen, hemp) and sustainable materials (natural tree rubber, cork, wood). Or the very least – pick a pair of yoga pants or a yoga mat made from recycled materials.

Research companies' practices. Picking an environmentally-friendly fabric and material is just a part of being a conscious consumer. Invest time in studying the company's green and ethical practices.

Choose fair-trade certified brands that are using international standards (such as bluesign®) to control their manufacturing process over the brands who prefer to hide this information.

Reuse & recycle. Don't just toss away your old yoga gear – get creative with it. You'll be surprised how many things you can do with your old plastic yoga mat, for example. Here are some ideas.

Less is more. When you're tempted to invest in a new piece of yoga equipment or apparel, think twice whether you really need it.

Sometimes one pair of high-quality and ethically-made leggings is better and more functional than ten cheap knock-offs of a famous brand.

Eco-Friendly Yoga Clothing

Fishers Finery Women's Yoga Pant

Fishers Finery Women's Ecofabric Straight Leg Yoga Pant
104 reviews
Fishers Finery Women's Ecofabric Straight Leg Yoga Pant
  • ETHICAL FASHION:Exercise or lounge around in absolute comfort with this straight leg yoga pant made from our EcoFabric blend of 60% Viscose derived from Bamboo / 25% Organic Cotton / 5% Spandex. It is soft, breathable and super cozy!
  • MOISTURE WICKING PROPERTIES: Our EcoFabric keeps you cool and comfortable year round. Our fabric blend has wicking properties that draw perspiration off your skin and out to the exterior of the fabric. Perfect for workouts!
  • HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN: The Everyday Yoga Pant. Our yoga pant is mid-rise and fitted at the hip and thigh with a classic straight leg opening. It has a wider waistband and is tag less for ultimate comfort.

Comfortable, classy, and eco-friendly? That's right. These straight-leg yoga pants check all the boxes.

Made of bamboo and organic cotton, they are incredibly soft and super-flattering. Plus, they come in an impressive range of different lengths.


Teeki Clouds Yoga Hot Pant

Teeki Clouds Yoga Hot Pant
103 reviews
Teeki Clouds Yoga Hot Pant
  • About this look? Great for all aspects of your active lifestyle - Camel toe free - Low and sexy waistband - Wear out on the town or to hot yoga
  • Who'd think fashion could be so technical? Design features you'll find include - Four-way stretch - Moisture Wicking, Chafe Resistant - Breathable
  • You're doing your part to support the environment! The fabric is made from - 79% P.E.T. or recycled water bottles - 21% spandex

Teeki is a modern eco-conscious activewear brand that uses recycled plastic bottles to create their yoga clothing.

The users claim the fabric to be “silky soft” and “best for Bikram by far!”

Thanks to Teeki's bold and bright patterns, their leggings are good for the daytime, too.


OHMME - Vajra II Vest

OHMME - Vajra II Vest
1 reviews
OHMME - Vajra II Vest
  • FOR ALL PRACTICES – Whatever your athletic activity at the gym, this men’s workout muscle tank is the shirt you need. Its slimming tapered hem means it won’t fall during inversions.
  • SWEAT-WICKING FABRIC – The stretchy, durable, silk-like polyester/elastane jersey fabric is sweat wicking and wrinkle resistant, and especially designed to be just long enough not to ride up during practice.
  • VEGAN – Created without the use of animal-based materials, additives or adhesives. The quick-drying polyester means a lower carbon footprint for the entire life of the garment.

Men's activewear brands are a dime a dozen, but OHMEE is the name you can trust.

Made specifically for men who do yoga, yoga apparel by OHMEE is created using only recycled fabrics and sustainable production. The result? Eco-friendly yoga clothing you won't want to take off.


Yoga Bottoms From Hippie Pants

The image of brown Hippie Pants

Check the Price & Reviews

Sustainably made all the way in Thailand, these yoga pants won’t go sheer in Downward Dog.

They are also shockingly comfortable, airy, and just perfect for those who like a bit more fabric freedom for their legs and booty.

Want to know more? Read the detailed review for Yoga Bottoms from Hippie Pants.


prAna Women's Verana top

This yoga top from prAna is great at three things.

First, it keeps everything hidden during inversions and forward folds.

Second, it offers excellent support (yes, even if you're on a bustier side).

Third, it looks super sleek thanks to sexy back detail.

Not to mention that the company is fair-trade certified and uses only internationally recognized standards to control its sustainable production.


OHMME - Dharma Yoga Pants

OHMME - Dharma Yoga Pants
2 reviews
OHMME - Dharma Yoga Pants
  • UNRESTRICTED MOVEMENT – These easy-care pants with tapered cuffs are comfortable, practical, stylish, and – most importantly – won’t restrict your movement.
  • SWEAT-WICKING FABRIC – The stretchy, durable, silk-like polyester and elastane blend jersey fabric is sweat-wicking and wrinkle-resistant. It dries quickly to help you avoid sweat patches while you’re at the gym or in the studio.
  • STRENGTHENED GUSSET – Unlike sweatpants, tights, and leggings, the reinforced gussets are designed to let you enjoy advanced yoga practice without the fabric pinching, ripping or tearing.

Not a fan of men's leggings, yet feel too weird wearing Aladdin pants on the way to a yoga studio? These Dharma Yoga Pants might be your best bet.

With a perfect balance between tight and relaxed, these eco-friendly yoga pants are incredibly stretchy and perform just as good as they look.


prAna Men's Tank

prAna Men's Tank
15 reviews
prAna Men's Tank
  • Organic cotton/recycled polyester blend lightweight jersey
  • prAna basic crew tank with a woven label on wearer's left bottom hem
  • Slim fit

Not only this yoga tank is ethically made and silky soft, but it also won't fall in your face during inversions.

Now that's something very few yoga tops can boast of!


Beckons Wisdom Ruffled Yoga Capri

Beckons Wisdom Ruffled Yoga Capri
7 reviews
Beckons Wisdom Ruffled Yoga Capri
  • a fold-over waist
  • 21" inseam
  • a fuller fit

If there's a hippie living inside of you, prepare to fall in love. This pair of beauties are not only super chick but also ethically made from natural fibers.

I'm dying to wear the white ones next summer!


4-rth Men's Yoga Pant

4-rth Men's Long Cuffed Jogger Yoga Pant
51 reviews
4-rth Men's Long Cuffed Jogger Yoga Pant
  • 100% Made in USA! & always FREE shipping! *NEW* product - Winter 2014!
  • Fabric strips in the upper leg allow for complete expansion of the crotch area in ALL directions.
  • Matching Hoodies available! (see: 4-rth Crossover Hoodie)

Finally, eco-friendly yoga pants for men that come in colors. (Are you also getting sick of grey and black yoga pants all around?)

Made in California from sustainable birch tree wood, these environmentally-friendly yoga pants from 4-rth will make you toss away your jeans. Yes, that's how comfy they are!

Wear them for yoga, gym, or just for lounging around the house.

Ethical Yoga Accessories

Ajna Acupressure Mat for Massage

Ajna Acupressure Mat for Massage
490 reviews
Ajna Acupressure Mat for Massage
  • Look, feel younger and healthier for longer: Imagine a healing tool that could naturally and effectively let you calm an overactive stress system, manage pain, and simply surrender from life's worries! Ajnamat is a Doctor recommended acupressure mat for back pain that melts away tension in a completely natural and drug free manner. Over 5000 ergonomically engineered spikes activate your body’s innate healing response and unblock stagnant energy pathways, ultimately leaving you feeling fantastic
  • Reduce stress, a moment of calm in a hectic world: many of us sleep poorly due to racing thoughts and an overactive mind! Simply lie on your acupressure spike mat for a relaxing, therapeutic massage that will stimulate the release of endorphins, and lull you to sleep. Ajnamat utilizes your own body weight to increase blood flow and dig deep into the belly of your muscles. Prioritize your health and receive that professional massage feeling at home.
  • Alleviate lower back pain relief and muscle tension: Ajnamat unlocks your body’s natural potential to heal and thrive by reducing stress and controlling anxiety in a matter of minutes. Incorporate into your day as you work, meditate, or practice yoga. The back pressure spike mat also helps with a host of physical problems and aids in neck relief, upper and lower back pain, tension headaches, sciatica, and fibromyalgia. What’s more, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

Looking for a unique, eco-friendly, and non-toxic yoga gift for yourself or your loved ones? This Ajna acupressure mat might be just it.

This stellar yoga accessory helps the body relax and regenerate, improves sleep, and relieves everyday aches and pains.

Plus, it comes with a good cause – from every purchase, the company plants one tree.


Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat Bag By Open Road Goods

Eco Friendly Yoga Mat Bag
49 reviews
Eco Friendly Yoga Mat Bag
  • FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED Factory - Fair Trade Certified is, hands down, the best way to ensure a product is ethically and responsibly sourced. Fair Trade Certified ensures manufacturers go above and beyond in providing fair wages, safe working conditions, and creating environmentally friendly products. It also means a portion of the purchase price goes back to directly support the workers who made this product -- empowering them to better their communities.
  • 100% G.O.T.S. CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON - the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification
  • FITS ALL MATS UP TO 26" Wide - Designed to carry every brand of exercise mat. Added room to fit a yoga towel or other yoga props as well.

You can't go wrong with this roomy eco yoga bag.

It fits yoga mats of any size (sometimes even two!), has three external pockets for your valuables, and is incredibly cute.


Kindfolk Yoga Mat Backpack

Kindfolk Yoga Mat Backpack
93 reviews
Kindfolk Yoga Mat Backpack
  • HELP EMPOWER WOMEN WORLDWIDE - Kindfolk donates $1 for every unit sold to help empower girls and women around the globe. Kindfolk is partnered with A21, Girls Empowerment Network, and Nicole's Place. When you shop with Kindfolk, you help to change the world.
  • PLENTY OF STORAGE - This bag is 18” tall and 14” wide. There is one main storage compartment with a laptop sleeve and additional interior pockets for your other various accessories.
  • VEGAN & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Kindfolk’s bags use man-made leather, meaning it is animal-friendly and super stylish

Need a bit more room in your yoga bag for a laptop and daily essentials? Check out this environmentally-friendly yoga backpack from Kindfolk.

With its bold and fun design, this yoga backpack has good chances to become your all-time favorite yoga accessory.


TREEBORN • Yoga Mat Cleaner

TREEBORN • Yoga Mat Cleaner
24 reviews
TREEBORN • Yoga Mat Cleaner
  • NON-SLIPPERY and NON-STICKY - Our alcohol-free yoga mat spray is effective, yet gentle without leaving any sticky or slippery residue behind. It doesn’t contain any soaps, fatty oils or harsh scents. Our all natural ingredients are safe to use on all skin types and contain just enough Tea Tree oil to clean and control odor without overpowering the lavender fragrance. It will not break down or erode any kind of mat, from rubber to cork, and is safe to use on gym equipment too.
  • GLASS VS. PLASTIC - Our spray comes in a sturdy GLASS BOTTLE. Why glass? Because plastic sucks and our reliance on it is trashing the planet. An estimated 91% of plastic is not recycled and winds up in landfills or finds its way into our waterways, clogging the stomaches of marine life and smothering the ocean. As a small company and as yogis our impact on the world through our products and our practice also impacts the earth, whose health and survival is inextricably intertwined with our own.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Breakage concerns? No sweat! Our bottles have passed a 5 foot drop test. However if your bottle breaks during delivery, we will rush you a new one, on us. Our goal is to bring you the highest quality product at an affordable price combined with top notch customer service. We are confident you will love our product. However, in the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with your purchase simply return it for a no hassle refund.

A yoga mat cleaner that is safe to use on the skin just as it is on a yoga mat? I'll take two!

This fantastic yoga mat cleaner is made using only natural ingredients and smells "completely amazing," according to testers. It works for any type of mats without breaking down the material or causing slipping.

Besides, it's one of the few mat cleaners that are sold in a beautiful reusable glass bottle rather than plastic one (which also makes it an excellent yoga gift for yoga teachers).

Eco-Friendly Yoga Props & Ethical Yoga Equipment

Zafu Meditation Cushion By Carolina Morning Designs

Check the Price & Reviews

Take your meditation to an entirely new level (of consciousness and relaxation) with this eco-friendly Zafu Meditation Cushion from Carolina Morning Designs.

Made of 100% organic materials, this sitting cushion contours to your body while offering firm support for your lower back.

By the way, this might be the only meditation cushion you need in your life. Some users say their Zafu still goes strong after 18 years after the purchase.


Infinity Strap BRIK

Infinity Strap BRIK
17 reviews
Infinity Strap BRIK
  • Our Patented BRIK is the only yoga block that features FOUR different heights!
  • VERSATILE - Its unique angles, octagon shape allow you to use it flat or diagonally for It opens up amazing new possibilities like using against a wall!
  • COMFORTABLE - The ergonomic design and rounded edges of the cork material are ideal for gripping. No slipping!

BRIK is not your ordinary yoga block.

Made of eco-friendly and anti-microbial cork, it's also the only yoga block that features four different heights for the maximum versatility (and fun) in your yoga practice.


Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat
2,886 reviews
Jade Harmony Yoga Mat
  • GREAT GRIP: Jade Yoga mats provide a superior level of traction. We use natural rubber which has a much stronger grip and more cushion than any of the synthetic rubbers on the market (PVC, PER, TPE, EVA).
  • PERFECT FOR ANY ACTIVITY & OCCASION: Our most popular mat! The Jade Harmony Mat is 3/16” thick, providing great traction, cushion, and stability for standing poses. It's the perfect mat for every occasion, for any activity, and for any level!
  • SUSTAINABLE: We are committed to giving back to the Earth with every product sold. Since 2006, through our partnership with Trees for the Future, we have planted over one million trees.

The users call Jade Harmony mats "the best yoga mats for grip."

And they're right. Its grip is hard to beat. Just like the company's sustainability policy. All the yoga mats are made locally in the US using eco-friendly natural rubber material.



12 reviews
  • REDUCE INJURIES: Lightweight, ultra-absorbent, non-slip microfiber towel that dries in minutes. Place over your yoga mat to absorb sweat, prevent puddles, and slippage.
  • DISCOUNT YOGA SET / KIT OFFER: Buy two or more YDL products and get 10% or more off your order. Scroll down to Promotions section for codes.
  • ECO FRIENDLY: 100% microfiber made from recycled plastic bottles! Colorful, non fade, patterned designs are printed with water-based inks and will make you excited to roll out your towel

If winter blues is catching up with you, this bright and sunny yoga towels from YOGA DESIGN LAB will lift your spirits toot sweet.

Made from recycled plastic bottles and dyed with water-based inks, this sustainable yoga towel will protect you (from slipping) and your mat (from stinking) for years to come.


Buckwheat Yoga Block By Carolina Morning Designs

Check the Price & Reviews

Forget about unpleasant sensations from resting your head or back on a firm yoga block.

This environmentally-friendly alternative from Carolina Morning Designs is sewn from natural fibers and stuffed with locally grown roasted buckwheat hulls, meaning lying on it won't cause any pain.


Brentwood Home Pranayama Yoga Pillow

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Pranayama Yoga Pillow
58 reviews
Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Pranayama Yoga Pillow
  • Great for meditators and yogis of all skill levels and styles, ideal for Iyengar Yoga and Pranayama
  • Yoga pranayama bolster cushion with modern design and removable outer cover for easy washing
  • A GOTS Certified organic cotton inner liner holds the buckwheat pillow fill, making it easy to remove and replace to customize the firmness and height for a fresh resting place

Beautiful and environmentally-friendly, this Pranayama Yoga Pillow from Brentwood Home can be a functional addition to your meditation and yoga practice or a great yoga gift for your eco-conscious friend.


ridgeback Yoga Rug

ridgeback Yoga Rug
58 reviews
ridgeback Yoga Rug
  • GRIPPER ‘RIDGES’: yogi sided grip for hands & feet – to prevent slipping - ‘ridgeback’
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT: 100% cotton hand woven in natural fibers base – sweat wicking, disbursement & additional grounding.
  • WILL NOT MOVE: borders keep the edges/corners grounded as the underside gripper tape border sticks & stabilizes the rug to your mat to prevent bunching, folds and other annoying distractions

The minds behind ridgeback Yoga Rug promise you won't go back to your usual microfiber towel after trying out their revolutionary yoga prop.

This eco-friendly yoga towel features gripper cords that keep your feet and hands in place, even in a steaming-hot and sweaty yoga class.

Bonus: the towel won't stink even after multiple uses, meaning you save water, money, energy, and time.


Bhoga Infinity Block

Bhoga Yoga Block Infinity Block
17 reviews
Bhoga Yoga Block Infinity Block
  • Super-ergonomic
  • Arch + Open core + Rounded Sides = Ideal Grip
  • Super-versatile

More stability, more versatility, and more fun – that's what you can expect from using this set of yoga blocks by Bhoga.

They are ergonomically designed to conform to your body curves, so you'd backbend like a pro. Plus, the natural feel of wood gives a calming and grounding feeling.


Organic Cotton Blanket By Carolina Morning Designs

Check the Price & Reviews

This 100% organic yoga blanket is soft, yet supportive for just any yoga class.

Carefully crafted in the mountains of Western North Carolina, this cozy yoga prop will also keep the cold at bay when you're trying to relax or meditate on a chilly evening.


Manduka Recycled Wool Blanket

On Sale −21%
Manduka Recycled Wool Blanket
88 reviews
Manduka Recycled Wool Blanket
  • RECYCLED WOOL BLANKET: Manduka’s recycled wool yoga blanket is the perfect yoga accessory to boost your practice. Warm up your space on a chilly morning, roll and fold to support your practice, or gently cover for savanna or meditation
  • YOGA PRACTICE: Fold, roll and stack into any way that supports your pose. Great for indoor and outdoor use, take your yoga or meditation practice on the go. When not in use, our blankets make a beautiful home accessory for the bedroom, or living room
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: Highest quality, super soft recycled wool. Overlocked edge stitching to prevent fraying. Dense weave is stretch-resistant and stays soft and resists pilling after washing. Warming, foldable, stackable, and simply effortless style

Looking for an eco-yoga blanket that is slightly on a thicker side? This one from Manduka is made of 100 % recycled wool and is tightly woven for the ultimate support.

Plus, it's super warm too!


YOGO Travel Yoga Mat

YOGO Ultralight Long Travel Yoga Mat
33 reviews
YOGO Ultralight Long Travel Yoga Mat
  • Spacious, extra-wide and long foldable yoga mat for home, travel or nature
  • Clean: origami folding keeps top clean, rinse in shower hang by attached straps
  • Made with vegan tree rubber to support a positive impact on our planet

YOGO makes it easy to take your yoga anywhere you go, and they're easy on the environment, too.

Made from sustainably-harvested tree rubber, these travel yoga mats are lightweight, easily foldable, and can fit into your carry-on.

Bonus: With every purchase, YOGO plants a foo-producing tree for families in Africa.

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