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The Most Comfy Yoga Pants For Him & Her: Hippie Pants Review

Laura Finch on November 6, 2020
Laura is a yoga teacher who completed 200 hours of training.

Disclaimer: I got the product from the manufacturer free of charge in exchange for my honest and candid review. Any opinions expressed in the post are my own.

Prepare to fall in love with the most comfortable yoga pants ever!

Today, I'm reviewing yoga bottoms from Hippie Pants and sharing my favorite ways to style these boho yoga beauties.

Four Reasons Baggy Hippie Yoga Pants Are Kick-Ass

Shockingly Comfortable

Forget the 'naked feel' that most yoga leggings promise to give you. These wide leg and flowy hippie pants are so lightweight, cozy, and airy that you'll want to wear them all day long.


Stop worrying about muffin tops, camel toes and the like. The loose cut of these handmade Thai yoga pants not only is perfect for moving around with ease but also suits any body shape. Besides, they will help you to easily pull off a hippie or bohemian look ideal for summer days.


Yoga involves a lot of movement and stretching. Which means that the clothes you're wearing should be stretchy too. Thanks to a slightly loose fit, hippie pants never get in the way of your yoga poses and flow.


Yoga, meditation, dancing, or just a casual day at the beach or in town โ€“ a pair of baggy Thai pants will look great in the city without you feeling the need to wear a longer top to cover your bum.

These Crystal Yoga Pants are silky-soft and sooo comfy!


Hippie Pants make all their garments from cotton and rayon cotton.

While the first fabric is vegan-friendly, biodegradable, and eco-friendly (whoop-whoop!), the latter is a bit controversial in its impact on the environment.

Rayon is vegan-friendly, and it sure is biodegradable since it's made of wood pulp. However, during rayon production, the cellulose material is treated with chemicals to create a soluble compound. And it is precisely this process of producing filaments and chemically solidifying them that has a questionable impact on the workers as well as the environment.

Crystal Pants that I'm wearing here are made of 100% rayon. These babies are so buttery soft that it completely changed the way I think about comfort now. Yet, this comfort might come at a high price for the world around us.

Fisherman Pants from Hippie pants, for example, are 100% cotton. They aren't as silky to touch as rayon and don't drape as well, but they are genuinely more ecological and sustainable in the long term. Despite feeling a bit coarse, they will make you want to say goodbye to those itchy pair of plastic yoga leggings you might be storing in your wardrobe.

Me and my hubby can finally share clothes - Fisherman Pants are unisex and fit most body shapes.


The Hippie Pants operate locally in Thailand. If you've even been to the Land of Smiles, you'll know how hot and humid it can get.

Luckily, both cotton and rayon are highly breathable fabrics and are perfect for warmer temperatures. Besides, the flowy design and thin material let the air and wind through naturally cooling your body.

If you're a fan of outdoor yoga, these boho yoga pants are a must-have. They will protect you from the harsh sun, but at the same time won't hold in perspiration.

Now, if you told me that you're wearing yoga bottoms made of plant-based fabric to a hot yoga class, I'd probably say you're crazy. Just because cotton and rayon cotton tend to get heavier when wet, cling to your skin and prevent your body from cooling itself.

That said, I've done a pretty sweaty Vinyasa flow in 90-degree weather. This rayon fabric is not clingy at all, and because it's so thin, the pants dry extremely fast. I can't state though the pant will perform the same in sauna-like conditions of a hot yoga class, though I would definitely give them a chance.

As to Thai Cotton Fisherman Pants, I can't say the same since they are a bit thicker and heavier than the pants made of rayon. In case you're planning to break a sweat, I'd put them off for a slow-paced, restorative or gentle yoga class.

The elastic smocked waist is super stretchy and fits the waist range from 24 inches (61 cm) โ€“ 44 inches (111 cm).

Comfort & Ease Of Movement

I won't exaggerate when I say that these wide leg Crystal Pants are one of the most comfortable pair of bottoms I have ever worn and owned. They're excellent for a casual walk in the town, a laid-back day at the beach or just a lazy afternoon on the sofa.

And they are fantastic for practicing yoga!

Just to be clear, they aren't those drop-crotch harem pants where the crotch is so low that it makes you struggle with a long stance in Warrior II.

There's a stretchy smocked waistband that is just right for a variety of body types and elastic at the ankles, so you don't trip over the fabric. Besides, these hippie pants stay in place when I invert or lift my leg up in Downward Dog.

There's no spandex in the fabric to make the pants stretchy. But thanks to the flowy and baggy design, there's enough room for all yoga moves, even in knee areas.

Cotton Fisherman Pants are also very flexible in all yoga poses. They will move with you, but note that they will move in inverted poses too because of their straight pant cut.


The stitching on both yoga bottoms from Hippie Pants is impeccable. No loose threads or anything alike. I've worn the Crystal Pants for about a month now โ€“ for doing yoga, outdoor walks, and house chores. They haven't pilled, lost color, or shown any sign of wear and tear yet.

But I'll be honest here. I was extremely diligent in taking care of my new yoga pants. All because rayon is not the most durable fabric ever. It's not as sturdy as natural cotton and can be easily damaged by ironing or even machine washing.

Cotton is an entirely different story. Fisherman Pants even feel strong when you touch them. It generally looks like they will last much longer than the rayon pants. Though it's just my guess at this point.

Yoga bottoms from Hippie Pants are roomy so you can move with ease in all yoga poses.

Additional Features

Crystal Yoga Pants have two cargo side pockets, and Fisherman Pants feature one side pocket on the right. I'm not usually carrying stuff in pockets, yet it's a nice add-on feature when you're popping out to the shop and need a place to store your keys.

Thanks to the wide elastic waist (and wrap-around waist in Fisherman Pants), you can choose to wear these bohemian pants as high-waist bottoms or at a hip length. That's a great trick to adjust the length of the pant to your height.

Cleaning & Care

Caring for my new pair of Thai pants was a bit of a hassle. Not that you need lots of effort, it just requires more time.

If you're used to tossing your yoga leggings into the washing and drying machine and find it fresh in a couple of hours, you're gonna have to become a bit more invested in caring for your new yoga bloomers.

The thing is that rayon can be easily damaged from a simple machine wash (and thin organic cotton too!). Besides, both fabrics can easily shrink, so it's better to use cold (or lukewarm) water to prevent the shrinkage.

Luckily, my Crystal Yoga Pants and Fisherman Pants haven't shrinked at all. But there was a slight color-bleed, so be careful not to toss any other garments in the washing bowl.

Cotton and rayon also wrinkle very fast. While you can iron cotton pants without second thoughts, be extra careful with rayon fabric.

Rayon and heat are not friends so if you do iron your rayon Thai pants, choose the lowest setting possible.

You can check out step-by-step instruction on washing and caring for your boho Thai pants here.

Crystal Yoga pants became my go-to pair of bottoms for running errands or just chilling at home.

Fit & Style

Fit is the last thing you should be worried about when buying bottoms from Hippie Pants. All of the styles are One Size Fits Most. Can it get more convenient? ๐Ÿ˜€

Whether you're planning on losing or gaining weight, getting pregnant, etc. these pants will fit like a dream. The elastic smocked waist will stretch with you as you grow. If you're worried about the smocked waist cutting into your belly (believe me, it won't cause the cinched waist is really wide and elastic), opt for unisex Fisherman Pants where you can regulate the waist as you wish.

As to the style, Hippie Pants offer an astonishing choice of cuts, patterns, and colors. From super comfy harem pants, brightly patterned hippie elephant pants to simple, yet so chick, solid-colored boho pants.

I love the yummy dark-brown color of Crystal Pants that reminds me of chocolate every time I wear them ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks exactly as the picture and is so easy to dress down and up for any occasion.

Check out just some ways you can style your hippie yoga pants a little down below.

Hippie Pants ships its garments worldwide and for free.

Pros & Cons

Here's what I LIKED most about these yoga bottoms from Hippie Pants:

  • stylish & super comfy โ€“ Crystal Yoga Pants for women are much softer than unisex Cotton Fisherman Pants since they're made of rayon. Yet both models are extremely comfortable to do yoga, run errands, or just chill on the sofa. And they're so fun to stylize for different occasions.
  • airy & quick-drying โ€“ all pants are lightweight, breathable, and dry at the speed of light.
  • no-hassle sizing & flattering fit โ€“ thanks to the wide elastic waist and relaxed cut, these yoga pants fit most sizes and are very forgiving, no matter what your body shape is. By the way, styles for women are available in plus sizes as well.
  • free worldwide shipping โ€“ it may take a while, sometimes up to 45 days, but you'll get an authentic handmade pair of yoga pants all the way from Thailand.
  • good company ethics โ€“ Hippie Pants works with local craftsmen and follows a fair trade policy, meaning the workers get a fair salary and equal opportunities within the workplace.

Some other things that I wish were improved:

  • questionable impact of rayon production โ€“ the cellulose material is treated with various chemicals during the production. They are later released into the air we breathe and discharged into waterways. Tencel would serve as a much better and eco-friendlier alternative to conventional rayon.

The Verdict About Yoga Bottoms From Hippie Pants

I recommend these yoga pants from Hippie Pants to everyone who needs a stylish and functional alternative to skin-tight yoga leggings and heavy cotton workout pants. They are extremely lightweight, shockingly comfortable, and incredibly practical whether you're a dedicated yogi or an occasional practitioner.

Get your own pair of hippie yoga pants by following the link below.



That said, you might want to look at some other types of yoga pants if:

  • you're looking for thick yoga pants โ€“ these hippie yoga pants are best suited for warmer months.
  • you're too busy for hand washing โ€“ all yoga bottoms from Hippie Pants require some hand care and love. If you want your pants to last, avoid soaking them or tossing into the washing machine.
  • you're an alignment nerd โ€“ if you're taking private yoga classes or constantly working on your 'proper' yoga alignment, the baggy fit will probably prevent your yoga teacher from seeing the form in your yoga postures.

In this case, make sure to check out this full list of best yoga pants and leggings for women and best yoga pants and leggings for men for more options and alternatives.

How To Wear Harem & Baggy Hippie Yoga Pants: Advice For Women

If you think that baggy hippie pants belong only to the beach or island holiday, then you'll definitely change your mind after checking out these awesome ways to rock your harem pants.

By the way, all the suggested looks here are made with Crystal Yoga Bottoms from Hippie Pants whose gorgeous dark pink tint will make you stand out from the crowd.

Yoga Class

My essential rule for choosing the right yoga top for hippie yoga pants is to go total opposite of the bottoms you're wearing.

Like the baggy and bold look? Go for the tight and solid-colored top to let the wide-leg and bright patterned pants become the center of your outfit. At the same time, slim-fit hippie pants in dark color will be a perfect match to a statement yoga top in vibrant color.

By the way, you can't go wrong with a yoga crop top. Not only because it goes with hippie pants as bread with butter, but because it's very comfortable for yoga practice on a hot day.

If tight and short is not your style, don't worry! You can easily pair the baggy Thai pants with a simple and long T-shirt, but I suggest tucking it in to show off your waistline. Besides, it will also prevent your tee from sliding down in Downward Dog.

If earrings or a chain necklace doesn't impede your yoga practice, wear them! They will add personality to the simplest yoga outfit.


These hippie yoga pants are perfect for lazy days at the beach. Pair them with a bright bikini or crochet top, layer with a stylish kimono, and voila.

Donโ€™t forget adding cool accessories like a mesh bag, sunglasses, and a hat.

Bohemian Style

If you're looking for a more ethnic or bohemian look, pair these baggy yoga pants with crochet or ruffle tops. Strive for natural fabrics: cotton, linen, suede, and simple light colors โ€“ white, beige, brown.

Add boho accessories, such as a wicker bag or bright statement earrings.

Edgy Concert/Festival

Hippie yoga pants don't have to look too hippie, ya know. Pair them with massive sandals and grungy top, add some edgy jewelry and you're fashion-ready for a concert or a festival. While still enjoying the comfort of flowy yoga pants!

Chilly Casual Evenings

Hot and humid days is the best time to wear your hippie yoga pants. Especially if they're made of rayon โ€“ these babies are made to keep you cool and dry in the tropical climate.

But if you're living in the part of the world where summer days are ending and evenings are getting colder, you'll need to layer up a bit.

Fret not! Hippie yoga pants also look great with sweatshirts, casual sweaters, and sneakers. If you didn't know, oversize looks are a bit hit right now.

Have you got any questions or opinion about this review or the brand? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I love the harem outfits you assembled ๐Ÿ™‚ Will borrow some ideas for the summer.
    I never realized you can make harem pants look so fresh and bold.

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