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The Only 3 Rules You Need To Choose The Perfect Gift [+ Life Less Ordinary Jewelry Review]

Laura Finch on June 26, 2020
Laura is a yoga teacher who completed 200 hours of training.

I know everything about choosing gifts.
Trust me. During the last ten years, I bought at least two hundred of them.

I've picked gifts for my family, friends, random people from work that I don't know much about, and even for strangers on the Internet as part of Secret Santa gift exchange.

Whether you're looking for a Christmas or birthday gift, here are my top three rules to choose the perfect present for just anyone [plus a cool gift idea from Life Less Ordinary].

This holiday season, give the gift that will look good and do good.

Think About What You Want Your Gift To Communicate

If you didn't know that yet, the right gift is not about the wrapped thingy you're handing to the person. It's about the gesture and the emotions the present evokes.

So my first rule is to always ask myself: “What do I want to say to the person?

Maybe it's “I cherish every minute we spend together” to a friend who's been rather busy and unavailable lately. Or “You're great at drawing, keep it going” to a colleague who's been sketching during lunch breaks.

Combine what you want to say with what the person is passionate about, and even the most trivial presents become meaningful.

Your yogi friend will love the bracelet, I guarantee!

Connect Your Gift With A Memory Or A Dream

Do you share some special memory with the recipient? Or maybe you know about a special moment that is super meaningful to that person?

It can be just anything.

The date of graduation, some special quote they love, or a place they treasure.

If your giftee is someone you know well, try to remember something they really want to start doing. Maybe they're dreaming about playing some instrument, but never find the right moment to do some. Maybe they always wanted to try yoga. Or journaling, or woodworking...

I had a friend who used to paint. But then life happened, and she got busy with studies and work, forgetting about her favorite hobby. She always talked about how she would like to get back to painting. So on her next birthday, I got her an easel, a drawing paper and a set of brushes and paints. And in return, she painted a portrait of me for my birthday. 😊

My bracelet by Life Less Ordinary shows geographical coordinates where my husband and I met for the first time.

Make The Gift Personal With Ethical Jewelry By Life Less Ordinary

Disclaimer: I got the product from the manufacturer free of charge in exchange for my honest and candid review. Any opinions expressed in the post are my own.

Life Less Ordinary is an ethical jewelry brand from Brighton, UK. Founded by avid travelers Joseph and Amie, the company specializes in making boho travel bracelets, anklets, earrings, and necklaces for him and her.

Life Less Ordinary takes gift personalization to the next level.

Besides stylish ready-made designs, the brand offers custom engraving on their products. You can engrave a special date, geographical coordinates, a favorite quote, or basically anything you like.

You can also hide a secret message on the back of the item that only your loved ones will see.

Needless to say, it's also possible to customize a band color as well as even combine the two colors for a fresh look.

All bracelets and anklets are adjustable and fit most of the people – another cool feature that surely takes away from the stress of gift-shopping.

I love the minimalism of this triangle bracelet. Subtle, yet stylish.

Life Less Ordinary makes all its jewelry by hand using only ethically sourced materials such as tagua nuts (a.k.a. ‘vegetable ivory’), waxed cotton cord, and cotton bolo. Each and every product is unique. Since no tagua nuts are exactly the same, every finished item is also slightly different.

I really admire how the brand integrates sustainability into its business and shows how you can #livedifferently. Besides being vegan and 100% cruelty-free, the company makes sure the materials they buy (such as cotton bags the jewelry comes in) are fair-trade. They even make business cards from recycled T-shirts!

Life Less Ordinary donates 10% of its net profits to charity and humanitarian projects. So by purchasing their goods, you're not only making your loved ones happier but also helping make the world a better place.

Life Less Ordinary makes beautiful boho jewelry both for him and her.

Which bracelet do you like most? Share in the comments!

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