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There Are Probably The Most Affordable Yoga Pants On Amazon [Souke Leggings Review]

Laura Finch on November 26, 2020
Laura is a yoga teacher who completed 200 hours of training.

Souke Sports is an international clothing brand that specializes in cycling wear. Recently they've dropped their latest expansion: high waist yoga pants for women.

With tummy control, four-way stretch, and moisture-wicking fabric, they are a steal.

But can you really get all these high-end features for as little as under 30 bucks? I've been testing Souke yoga pants for a month to see if they live up to the ad.

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Souke leggings come in sizes S to XXL.

I generally wear XS-S size but being 7 weeks postpartum, my body is naturally slightly bigger and more jiggly than it used to be. According to the sizing table, my measurements fell in between M and L, so I went for a Large size.

BIG mistake. I definitely should have sized down.

As a result, the yoga pants don't fit as well as they should in the waist and hip area. It's harder for me to judge how compressive they are or whether they ride down during the workout.

Souke yoga pants

I should have sized down. The leggings bunch up a bit in the hip area.

Disregarding what other reviewers say, my advice is:

  • If you're in between sizes and looking for pants that will hold everything in, size down.
  • If you're muscly, have no jiggle, go with your normal size.


I live in a hot climate. The temperature rarely falls below 77ยฐF/25ยฐC during the day, and doing outdoor yoga in the blazing sun is almost like sweating in a heated yoga class.

Made of 78% polyester, 22% elastane, Souke yoga pants turned out to be a bit too thick to wear during the midday workouts. After a short run, I felt overheated.

The pair in Snatchy Flower style also shows sweat - the colors turn slightly darker with perspiration.

That said, you might get wet while wearing Souke yoga pants, but you're unlikely to stay wet. The leggings dry quickly, and by the time I walked home, I was almost entirely dry.

Souke yoga pants might not be the most breathable pair of leggings, but they performed great on the colder days. When the temperature dropped, I reached out for Souke bottoms since the fabric feels absolutely perfect for exercising in the chilly weather.

Souke yoga pants perform great on cooler yoga days. (And you can sit on the cold floor too! :D)

Comfort And Ease Of Movement

Do you know that feeling of constricting yoga pants that chafe, pinch, and that you can't wait to take off after a workout? Well, Souke yoga pants are the opposite.

I couldn't believe how soft the fabric feels - especially for such a price.

If you're looking for yoga pants that you can wear before the workout, after the workout, and just to cozy up at home on a rest day - these are just perfect!

The pants aren't in any way restrictive since the fabric has enough stretch to it. But again, I did get a larger size.

The downside is that they keep sliding down while I'm squatting, and I constantly have to pull them up. I'd assume it wouldn't be an issue with the right size.

On the bright side, the leggings in Snatchy Flower style are 100% squat proof - a must-have feature for any pair of bottoms, no matter the price range.

I've spent countless lazy days at home wearing Souke yoga pants. They are just sooo soft and comfy.

Fit And Style

If you go with the right size, Souke leggings will probably fit like leggings should - tight around the bum and ankles. Unfortunately, mine are slightly too loose.

Shorter ladies, if you're tired of leggings bunching at your ankles (I sure am!), you're in luck. I'm 5.1''/158 cm tall, and Souke yoga pants fall right above my ankle. If you're taller, keep in mind the yoga pants might fit you like Capri.

As to the style, Souke high waist yoga pants come in a variety of solid colors for minimalist yogis. If you're looking for yoga bottoms that stand out, fret not - there are multiple vivid patterns available as well.

I'm short and the pants sit right above the ankle.

I went for the Snatchy Flower design. It looked great on-screen, and it sure didn't disappoint me in real life.

The colors are true to the photo. And boy, do these pants look expensive out of the package!

The fabric also has a nice matte finish and adds a splash of color to my outfit in a subtle, elegant way. There's also a practical side to dark patterned leggings - they don't show stains as much as solid colors do.

Additional Features

Tummy control

Souke yoga pants have a comfy and wide waistband. From my experience, high and wide waistbands are always flattering and fit any kind of figure. However, the waistband is simply a double-layered fabric. There's no extra elastic inside for shaping, which means it probably won't control your mummy tummy (or any kind of tummy that's bigger than flat, for that matter).


I loved the idea of an extended gusset. It adds to pants' flexibility, so you could fold, twist, and flex as much as you want without feeling constricted. Oh, and it prevents camel toe too.

Inner pocket

There's no way you can stash your phone there, but keys and cash fit in easily.

Souke yoga pants have a flattering high waistband and an inner pocket to hide the valuables.

Flatlock seams

I never got any marks on my skin after wearing the bottoms, thanks to the comfortable seaming.


A month was clearly not enough to judge how long Souke yoga pants would last. Still, having exposed the pants to multiple washes (according to instructions, I washed the pants in cold water and line dried them) and hard-core wear, I could get a glimpse into what's waiting for me.

So far, there are no signs of color fading, unraveling seams, or threads breaking loose - something that happens a lot with budget yoga pants.
However, I can already see another dreaded issue - pilling.

Unfortunately, pilling is very common for synthetic sportswear. Even high-end designer pieces will likely pill sooner or later (some even sooner than their budget-friendly knockouts).

Coming back to Souke yoga pants - I can already see tiny pills forming in high-chafe areas such as inner thighs. Luckily, they aren't too visible. Plus, the patterned style really masks the imperfections.

Small pills have started forming in the inner thigh area.

While pilling came as no surprise, there's another issue that concerns me a bit - shape retention.

Because let me tell you - nobody wants to leave a yoga studio with bagged out knees.

Some degree of sagging will inevitably occur at some point. But I felt that Souke yoga pants were growing larger after a single yoga session and just wouldn't return to their initial shape until they're washed.

If you're jumping out of leggings and into jeans right after the class, this probably won't be a problem. But if you're planning to run errands after, it's something to keep in mind.

These are the pants after a yoga session. I feel they look a bit stretched out.

Souke Yoga Pants: Pros & Cons

After having worn Souke yoga pants for a month, here's what I liked most about them:

  • Great value
  • Good performance in a colder weather
  • Squat-proof
  • Super soft and comfy for all-day wear
  • Lovely patterns and no-sheen finish

Here's what I think could be improved:

  • Breathability in hot conditions
  • Shape retention
  • No tummy control panel in waist

It's not an easy task to mix affordability and quality when it comes to sportswear. Still, I think Souke Sports did a pretty good job with their yoga pant.

So if you're:

  • not ready to pay a fortune for sportswear (that will end up sweaty and stinky anyway)
  • changing multiple yoga pants a year
  • live in a colder climate
  • prioritize softness and comfort over compression
  • looking for yoga pants to wear both to a workout and casually,

I encourage you to give Souke leggings a try.

FAQ About Souke High Waist Yoga Pants

Are these leggings see-through?

Nope, Souke yoga bottoms are opaque, so you squat with confidence.

Do they show sweat?

It depends on the color and pattern you choose. Black and dark shades (e.g., tie-die design) generally don't show perspiration, while lighter colors often darken when wet. Snatchy Flower design does show a bit of sweat. But it doesn't seem like a serious issue since the leggings dry really fast.

Do they pill?

I've washed my pair of Souke leggings 10+ times, according to instructions. I can see small pills forming on the inner seams.

Are these pants suitable for heated practice?

I wouldn't wear Souke yoga pants to hot yoga. In my opinion, they lack breathability. However, they perform great in a cooler environment.

Are these yoga pants figure-shaping?

It's hard to say since my pair sits slightly loose. But I feel that the fabric provides average compression even if the leggings fit right.

Are Souke yoga pants suitable only for yoga?

Not at all! You can wear the bottoms to the gym, for a jog, and even to run errands around the city.

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