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SURIN Yoga Wheel Review + My Favorite Yoga Wheel Poses

Laura Finch on March 4, 2020
Laura is a yoga teacher who completed 200 hours of training.

Disclaimer: I got the product from the manufacturer free of charge in exchange for my honest and candid review. Any opinions expressed in the post are my own.

I've got 99 problems but the back pain ain't one after I've been using this yoga wheel from SURIN for about a month or so.

If you're by any chance not in the know, a yoga wheel is a circular-shaped yoga prop used for releasing tension, stretching, improving balance and building strength.

And it's the new black in the yoga community.

Today, I'm reviewing the SURIN yoga wheel and sharing my favorite yoga poses with this stellar yoga prop.

Material & Durability

SURIN Yoga wheel is made of ABS (frame on the bottom) and TPU (cushioning on the top).

Don't get scared of the terminology. These are just fancy words for different kinds of plastic.

I know what you might think. Plastic? That's gonna crack like a piece of toy under me.

Plastic might not sound too reliable, especially if this small wheel has to support your full body weight. But, in fact, it is one of the best synthetic materials nowadays.

For example, here are just some of the advantages of ABS material:

  • durability (especially when compared to popular PVC plastic or natural wood)
  • rigidity
  • high shock resistance
  • low cost of production

What does that mean to you?

It means that products made from ABS material can support substantial weight; they don't flex, are relatively cheap yet will serve you for ages. So you can roll over, sit and even stand on your SURIN yoga wheel without second thoughts that it will crack under you.

The outer part of the SURIN wheel (cushioning) is produced of TPU. This sort of rubber-like plastic will pad the spine and make the rolling on the prop more comfortable (let's say, bearable during the first time).

SURIN yoga wheel is one of the few in the market that uses TPU for the outer padding. Most of the yoga wheel you'll come across are made of TPE. Both materials are highly similar. Yet, TPU is considered more durable and highly resistant to scratches or any sort of wear and tear.

By the way, though I mention rubber, TPU is actually a synthetic one. So if you're allergic to latex or latex protein, you're safe as TPU rubber has nothing to do with latex.

I love the minimalist design of this yoga wheel!

Plastic is an excellent material. Yet, there's another side to its durability and low price.

And the first negative is the smell.

The yoga wheel gassed me upon opening the box. Though both TPU and ABS are safe and toxin-free, the vapors you'll smell from the new product is something to keep in mind. If you've got a sensitive nose, give the wheel one or two days to air out before trying it out.

Secondly, there are environmental concerns.

SURIN yoga wheel is definitely better for the planet than wheels made of a more traditional and cheaper PVC. TPU and ABS won't be releasing toxic fumes during degradation, but they are not "green" either. Their biodegradability is questionable, and there are eco-friendlier (though not as durable) options available.


Thanks to the sturdy frame, SURIN yoga wheel can support up to 500 pounds. That's more than enough for yogis of any body composition and weight. I have felt safe casually sitting on the wheel, and there wasn't even a slight sign of flexing.

To be fair, I'm not very heavy. So I asked my husband to try the yoga prop out. After ouch-ing for a few minutes (first time is always the hardest :), he did verify the wheel is safe to use for heavier weight.

The SURIN wheel showed no signs of flexing whether I reclined over, sat or squatted on it.

Size & Padding

The yoga wheel from SURIN comes in a standard size of 12.6 inches in diameter and 5.1 inches wide. Unless you're 5 feet tall or shorter, the measurements are just right for fitting the wheel in between shoulder blades and massaging those hard-to-reach trigger knots.

The diameter of the wheel can also help you to really get into the front body and improve backbends.

The cushioning is 6 mm. It's not the thickest one in the market, but it's decent to pad my bony parts as I recline over. However, if you have a really sensitive spine, you might want to look at other yoga wheels with thicker padding.


If you're a fan of minimalist design, you'll love this yoga prop. SURIN yoga wheel comes in black color with a small, hardly visible logo engraved on the top.

I love the combination of textures with a shiny black frame on the bottom and matte padding on the top.

However, both the shiny frame and matte foam vividly show fingertips after use. So be prepared to wipe the surface every time to keep your wheel in tip-top condition.

By the way, I haven't noticed any color bleed or foam crumbling from the prop onto the mat, as it sometimes happens with colorful and cork yoga wheels.

There are so many things you can do with a yoga wheel! It is one of the most versatile props I've ever used.


With any yoga wheel, it will take some practice to find comfort, stability, and ability to relax while you're arching over it. SURIN yoga wheel is no exception.

What definitely helps is the grippy and sticky-like surface. The SURIN yoga wheel doesn't slip on any surface, be it a yoga mat or sleek laminate.

It also doesn't absorb the perspiration. So you don't have to worry about a stinky smell building in your prop after several sweaty workouts.

Extra Features

What I found awesome about SURIN wheel is that it comes with a FREE round waterproof case.

It is a fantastic and well-thought free gift. Where else would you find a bag that would fit your round prop perfectly?

The carrier case has an additional side pocket for valuables and some extra space so you can pack a fresh set of clothes or a water bottle. There's also an adjustable strap for extra comfort.

The zips feel a bit flimsy and the material thin. Yet, since I'm not taking this yoga wheel out that often, I think the bag will serve me for a while.

SURIN yoga wheel comes with a FREE waterproof carrier case.

You can easily fit a set of fresh clothes, a yoga towel and even a water bottle inside of the bad.

Pros & Cons

Here's what I LIKED most about the SURIN yoga wheel:

  • super sturdy construction – the wheel holds up to 500 pounds and looks like it will last for years;
  • grippy – you'll be safe rolling over and having fun with your wheel on any surface;
  • minimalist design – no glaring colors or patterns, just a subtle logo on a 'royal' black wheel;
  • free carrier bag – take your wheel outside and get the additional benefits of practicing outdoors;
  • no more back stiffness! - regular practice with the yoga wheel surpassed all my expectations.

Some other things that I WISH WERE IMPROVED:

  • smell out of the package – though it went away after a day, there was a strong odor from the yoga wheel upon opening the box;
  • no instructions/workout guide – I know that all the information is readily available online nowadays. Yet it would be a nice touch to get at least some kind of printable with basic poses with a yoga wheel.

The Verdict About SURIN Yoga Wheel

I recommend this SURIN yoga wheel to everyone who needs a portable home 'chiropractor.' I had a passing acquaintance with yoga wheels before. But after using it daily for about a month, I feel stronger, flexible, and healthier than ever.

SURIN Black Yoga Wheel Large 13 Inch
10 reviews
SURIN Black Yoga Wheel Large 13 Inch
  • STRONGEST WHEEL IN THE MARKET - Unlike other yoga wheels out there, ours is meant to be the strongest one ever to be made. It is able to hold up to 500 pounds of body weight without breaking apart!
  • POWER-GRIP ANTI-SLIP PADDING- With our POWER-GRIP technology, you can safely stretch your entire front side body – hip flexors, abdomen, chest, and shoulders. It’s a serious eye opener! Hit those spots that you can never reach.
  • 100% PREMIUM QUALITY- Our yoga wheel is made up of TPU material, potentially recyclable, and last for a long time. Our yoga wheel padding is the thickest in the market, at around 6MM, to ensure that you have an enjoyable time during your yoga sessions.

That said, you might want to look at some other types of yoga wheels if:

  • you're looking for a bright or patterned prop – Surin yoga wheel currently comes in black color only;
  • you're shorter than 5 feet – I'd recommend getting a smaller sized wheel for a more targeted massage;
  • you've got a very sensitive spine – with 6 mm cushioning, the wheel might still feel too hard on your bones.

In this case, make sure to check out this full list of best yoga wheels for more options and alternatives.

My Top 3 Uses Of A Yoga Wheel (Besides Backbends)

A yoga wheel is one of the most versatile props ever. There are endless opportunities for experimentation and play. Here are my top favorite things to do with a yoga wheel besides backbends.


I won’t be original here to say that this is by far my most favorite use of a yoga wheel. Just drape yourself over the prop when you feel stiff or tired and focus on the areas that need some love. Plus, rocking back and forth feels super calming.

That's a perfect release for the upper back after a long day of hunching over the laptop. I can stay in this position forever!

Abs Burner

Abs exercises with a yoga wheel are a killer! It won’t take long to feel the burn and get some muscle definition. Moreover, you’re also building stability in your muscles with this core blast.

Believe me, that only looks easy!

Roll the wheel back and forth with your feet to really feel the burn.

Props Replacer

Don’t have a strap or a block within reach? A yoga wheel can temporary replace both.

When you don't have a yoga strap at hand, a yoga wheel comes to the rescue!

Open Twist with a yoga wheel instead of a strap.

Have you got any questions or opinion about this review or the brand? Let me know in the comments below!

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One comment on “SURIN Yoga Wheel Review + My Favorite Yoga Wheel Poses”

  1. I have gone through the details of yoga wheel and hope very useful for age people like. Aged persons may less strength in their arms and may not be able to do back bending asanas like chakrasana which is useful for back and neck pain.

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