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A Bag That Holds Everything - Zenifit Yoga Mat Bag Review

Laura Finch on March 4, 2020
Laura is a yoga teacher who completed 200 hours of training.

Disclaimer: I got the product from the manufacturer free of charge in exchange for my honest and candid review. Any opinions expressed in the post are my own.

I am thrilled to have received the yoga mat carrier from Zenifit and finally share my experience with you.

I’ve been using this yoga bag for three months already, and we've had some good moments together. It even moved countries and apartments with me!

So, here’s what I think about it.

Looks (Aren’t Everything)

This is arguably the least important point to consider when choosing yoga gear.

But let's face it. The way yoga wear and equipment look often matters a great deal. You'd better love yourself in these new yoga pants and admire the pattern on your new yoga mat if you're planning to practice every day.

Luckily, Zenifit bag definitely looks cute and pretty. Especially when compared to those enormous tote bags that when packed with yoga stuff resemble potato sacks.

The bag arrived neatly packaged in a black box with the company logo (well-suited for a gift). The product itself was wrapped in plastic - not a very eco-friendly option, so I hope the manufacturer will reconsider its packaging in the future.

I got the tote bag in black color with azure blue accent. From my experience, black is not the best choice because it often tends to collect the hair and lint around the house. But to my surprise, the fabric turned out to be less clingy than I expected. I even took the bag for a 'lint-test' when visiting my parents - they own a big furry cat. At the end of the day, I could definitely spot a bit of fur on the bag, but it cleans really easily.

I really like this subtle embroidery on the top (this is actual embroidery, not a print by the way), which gives the bag a nice hippy-like touch.

Size & Capacity

Zenifit bag is nearly 33 inches long (16 of which goes to the strap) and 14 inches wide.

It doesn't seem to fit much at first glance. Though I changed my mind after the first packing. This is the largest yoga bag I've ever had.

Just to be clear - I prefer packing lightly and usually leave most of the props at home. I also own a pretty thin mat (2.5mm) that takes virtually no space in the bag.

So apart from my mat, I can fit a water bottle, a yoga towel, a set of clothes, a book, and an apple (just like the ad shows). And there's even additional space for keys, a phone, and a wallet.

If you've got a thick mat (1/4" or more), you definitely won't be able to fit that much. Still, there will be some room left for valuables and other small objects in the outside pockets.

It's pretty obvious, but I feel there's a need to mention that the bag doesn't cover the yoga mat entirely. At least 1/4 of your mat will stick out. So your things will get a great deal of fresh air (so needed after a sweaty hot yoga class) but can also get wet if you happen to get caught by the rain, snow or other natural calamities.

Surprise, surprise! All of this easily fits into the bag (except for the plant :-))

Packing & Ease Of Use

Zenifit carrier doesn’t have any type of closure on the top, so using it can’t get any easier. Just roll your mat, slip it in the bag and you’re ready to go.

If you carry lots of stuff, you’ll surely need to develop a bit of skill and strategy to compactly pack your props so that they fit into the bag. It’s roomy but not so much that you can just throw the things in. There is also only one main compartment, so not much to the organization of your items.

There are, however, two pockets that are conveniently placed outside of the bag, so small things and valuables are within easy reach even when the bag is overstuffed.

The tote itself doesn’t have much structure. I find this very convenient since the bag is super lightweight and compact, easy to roll and transport if needed - those who travel a lot will appreciate the feature.

On the other hand, the fabric suppleness can get in the way if you want to squeeze large things, say, two mats into the bag. Once, I managed to cram a laptop bag with a laptop inside (don't even ask me why 😁) into this tote. It took some effort, but Zenifit bag handled it.

I love how compact the bag gets when folded - very convenient for travelers!

Comfort & Versatility

There's a wide strap that comfortably sits on the shoulder. It's not padded but is made of a double layer of cloth and doesn't dig into the skin even when the bag is overstuffed.

By the way, I'm about 5'3" so I found it most convenient to carry the bag cross-body. The strap is slightly too long for my height, and the bag starts to swing slightly when worn on one shoulder. So I wish the strap were adjustable.

If you're a bike person, tote bags are generally not a good option. But I did take the bag for a test ride around the city several times. To be honest, it wasn't super comfortable, but it wasn't awful either. Being able to adjust the strap length would perhaps improve the situation a bit, but not too much.

Generally, Zenifit bag is pretty versatile in use. Running errands, doing groceries, or going on a picnic – it has all the chances to become your all-day companion if you prefer walking/public transport to cycling.

Zenifit yoga carrier is not the most bike-friendly bag in the world. But I did totally fine on short city cycling trips with the bag.

Material & Durability

This tote bag is made of natural fibers - cotton canvas and polyester binding. When you take it in your hands, you can totally see this is a high-quality product – not a flimsy, cheaply made junk. It feels really sturdy, yet very soft. The stitches are reinforced, and there’s a well-made YKK Zipper on the outside pocket.

The tote is designed to withhold up to 20 lbs. While I haven’t personally carried that much, I did load the bag with nearly 11lbs when traveling. The yoga bag and my shoulder stood up to the challenge and were left unharmed (twice!).

Besides, it appears the company is serious about the quality of their products – they offer a lifetime warranty for their tote bags.

Washing & Cleaning

Zenifit tote bag is fairly easy to clean, but as with every cotton product, there’s a high risk of shrinking in high temperatures.

The manufacturer recommends washing the bag at 30°C as well as avoid bleaching and tumble drying. Just in case you forget, there’s a label inside of the bag to remind you.

So far I washed the bag twice, manually and in the washing machine, and occasionally used a lint remover. I haven’t experienced any problems. No color bleeding, no shrinking – the bag look as good as new.

After three months of use and two washings, the bag still looks as good as new.

Pros & Cons

Here’s what I LIKED most about the Zenifit bag:

  • roomy without looking enormous – there’s enough space for a yoga mat of average thickness and a few yoga props + daily essentials
  • lightweight & compact – you can easily roll/fold it for easy transportation
  • made of sturdy cotton – it can hold more weight than your shoulder
  • outside pockets for small things – useful for those who can never find their keys in a big bag
  • comes with two elastic straps for your yoga mat- for free!
  • lifetime warranty – makes you feel confident about the quality

Some other things that I personally DIDN’T LIKE and wish were improved:

  • no full protection for yoga mat – the bag doesn’t cover the mat entirely and offers no protection in rainy weather
  • the strap is not adjustable (though it sits super comfy on the shoulder)
  • no need for non-ecological plastic wrapping - the bag already comes in a lovely black box.

The Verdict About Zenifit Yoga Mat Bag

I definitely enjoyed using this yoga carrier from Zenifit during these three months. Moreover, I consider it to be a great deal considering the price-quality ratio. It's light, pretty (goes well with both jeans and yoga pants 😉), holds in lots of things and is easy to use.

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Zenifit Yoga Mat Bag

That said, you might want to look at some other types of yoga bags if:

  • your yoga mat is thicker than 1/2" - it simply won't fit into the bag
  • you're commuting to a yoga studio by bike 
  • you have many large yoga props (several blocks, bolster, etc.) and want to carry all of them with you
  • you're searching for water-proof and/or stain-resistant protection for your mat.

In this case, make sure to check out this list of yoga mat bags and carriers for men and women for more options and alternatives.

Have you got any questions or opinion about this review or the brand? Let me know in the comments below!


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