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Can Yoga Help You Build Muscles?

Laura Finch on October 27, 2021
Laura is a yoga teacher who completed 200 hours of training.

What type of yoga builds muscle?

If you're looking for a challenging and strength-building yoga practice, choose a fast-flowing yoga style with a lot of standing and balancing postures. There are also a lot of modern hybrid yoga classes that make use of various sports equipment to promote muscle gain.

The following styles of yoga are great for building muscle and increasing stamina:

  • Vinyasa
  • Ashtanga
  • Power yoga
  • Hot yoga
  • Kundalini
  • Yoga with weights

Depending on your current level of fitness, some gentler yoga styles such as Anusara or Jivamukti yoga can also help you increase strength and muscle tone.

A consistent yoga practice will help you get stronger and build muscle faster than an occasional yoga class.

Is yoga good for strengthening muscles?

Research has found that even though yoga is not considered aerobic, it can still contribute to health improvements just as much as aerobic exercise. 1

One study has called a yoga sequence Sun Salutations "an ideal exercise to keep oneself in optimum level of fitness."

Keep in mind that practicing yoga solely won't help you "bulk up." Yoga will help you increase your muscle tone and build lean muscles. If you're looking for a lot of muscle definition and fast muscle mass gain, you will need to add some equipment into your yoga practice (a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell, resistance bands, etc.)

Which is better gym or yoga?

Both gym and yoga are great for overall health and fitness. However, they have different goals and thus yield different results.

Choose gym if you like or want to achieve:

  • fast progress
  • bulky muscles
  • competitive environment
  • metabolism boost.

Choose yoga if you're looking for:

  • slow but steady progress
  • lean muscles
  • increased mobility and flexibility
  • mind control over the body.

Integrating both gym training and yoga into your fitness routine is a perfect solution. It will help you boost and maintain the level of fitness and increase your overall well-being.

Can you lift weights and do yoga in the same day?

Yoga and gym can be done on the same day, provided you do it after your gym workout rather than before. 2

The morning and afternoon sessions need to be separated by a few hours if you need to do yoga before your workout. 3

Should yoga be done everyday?

It's okay to practice yoga every day if that works for you.

You can switch up your yoga routine every day. Balance yoga flows that are easy with challenging routines that push your limits. This way you'll reap the maximum benefits.

Slight muscle soreness after yoga is okay. But if you're sore every day and start feeling burnt out, it's a signal that you need to give your body more rest time.

Is yoga alone enough exercise?

Traditional yoga that focuses mostly on breathing and meditation provides insufficient aerobic benefits for a person to rely on it as their only form of exercise. Although many experts argue that yoga is good enough to keep a person fit and healthy for a lifetime. 4

If yoga is the only form of exercise you're practicing, try mixing up different yoga styles into your routine. Fast and vigorous yoga styles such as Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Power yoga will help you increase and maintain muscle tone as well as keep your joints and bones healthy.

Slow and gentle yoga styles are great for mind and body relaxation as well as increasing range of motion and reversing the effects of sitting all day - opening tight hips, correcting slouching posture etc.

What are the disadvantages of hot yoga?

Hot yoga can also lead to strains, tears, and body injuries that require a longer healing time due to the stretching of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. 5

Anyone suffering from heart disease, heat intolerance, or another heat-related illness should avoid hot yoga. 6

Do doctors recommend yoga?

It has been found that yoga improves quality of life, reduces anxiety, insomnia, depression, and back pain. 7

It might help bring your blood pressure down if you have high blood pressure, but you still need to take high blood pressure medication as directed by your doctor. 8

Who cannot yoga?

What is the best time to do yoga?

  • As a general rule, yoga should be practiced in the morning or early evening.
  • You can get a full practice of yoga in a morning yoga session.
  • After every practice, you can finish with Savasana (Corpse Pose), regardless of the season or time of day.

What happens to your body when you start doing yoga?

When you do exercises such as yoga, your blood flow increases to your muscles, providing oxygen and nutrients. 13

Muscles become more supple and flexible with regular stretching. 14

The joints are less stressed by extending muscles, and the muscles themselves are less susceptible to damage in the future. 15

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