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These Are The Very Best Yoga Pants & Leggings For Men In 2021

Laura Finch on July 17, 2021
Laura is a yoga teacher who completed 200 hours of training.

Good news: Men no longer view yoga through the prism of stereotypes and are increasingly joining the yoga ranks.

And just as yoga is not only for women, so are the yoga pants.

While it's still quite a challenge to find quality yoga clothing for men, you can skip that part.

Because we've compiled the ultimate buyer's guide to yoga pants and leggings for men in 2020 based on the hours of research, thousands of reviews, and personal experience of wearing some brands.

Keep scrolling for the round-up of the best men's yoga pants and leggings that will carry you through the toughest workouts and the laziest weekends.

In A Hurry? Here's The Top Pick

Meet the top pick – slim-fitted eco-friendly yoga pants that flex with you during stretches and stay in place during inversions. Made of high-quality modal, these men's yoga pants will stand the test of time (and make you look great too!).


Best Form-Fitting Men's Yoga Pants

You can’t go wrong with form-fitting pants for yoga (or any other workout for that matter). They are a perfect compromise between more casual loose pants and tight leggings.

Even though the market is saturated with hundreds of yoga pants for women, there are some great form-fitting men’s yoga pants out there.

Whether you’re into natural fabrics or a tech blend, there's an option for everyone.

Read on for the best form-fitting yoga pants for men.

4-rth Men's Long Cuffed Jogger Yoga Pant


  • made in the US
  • eco-friendly
  • soft & comfortable
  • elastic waist with drawcord
  • cuffs at the bottom
  • hold up well after washing
  • 2 deep flat pockets
  • multiple colors available


  • absorb moisture & get slightly heavier when wet
  • might feel too snug in the groin area

4-rth is a small LA-based company passionate about combining functionality with sustainability.

And that's exactly what their apparel is all about.

These cuffed men's yoga pants are entirely made in California and are a perfect mix of performance and sustainable fashion.

Featuring a comfortable drawcord waist and cuffed bottoms, 4-rth Men's Cuffed Yoga Pants will flex with your every move and stay in place during those headstands and inversions.

Deep pockets in the front will fit your valuables and even the cell phone, so you can leave your bag at home.

These eco-friendly yoga pants are form-fitting yet relaxed. The material is thin enough to emphasize your strong points, but don't worry - they won't go sheer in Downward Dog.

Thanks to its soft modal fabric, the male yoga pants are so comfy that you're highly likely to wear them wherever you go.

That said, I'd probably stay away from a heated yoga class. The modal might get slightly heavier with sweat and leave you soaked after the vigorous workout. Other than that, these workout pants do an excellent job for any other yoga style or fitness practice.

The 4-rth Men's Cuffed Yoga Pants come in a dozen colors and are available in sizes from XS to XL. No sweat if you've guessed your size wrong. The customer service of the company is excellent, and they will be happy to send you the correct one.

P.S. Just in case you're a hot yoga fan who's set your heart on these cuffed yoga pants, there's a Capri version of this exact style (see the review below). They offer less body coverage and will perform much better in a heated environment.


4-rth Men's Transition Cuffed Yoga Pant


  • made in the US
  • eco-friendly
  • soft & comfortable
  • lightweight & stretchy
  • elastic drawcord waist
  • cuffs at the bottom
  • hold up well after washing
  • 2 deep flat pockets
  • multiple colors available


  • absorb moisture & get slightly heavier when wet
  • might feel too snug in the groin area
  • run small

Just like full-length men's yoga pants by 4-rth above, this Men's Cuffed Yoga Pant is designed with yogis and mama Earth in mind.

Soft, stretchy, and form-fitting, these cropped yoga pants will make any workout a success.

You can regulate the width of the drawcord waist so you don't have to adjust the pants or pull them up during the practice. It is also easy to roll down or fold the waistband over if you find it too high for your height.

The elastic cuffs at the bottom sit right under the knees preventing the pants from riding down and you from losing your focus in a handstand.

Made of eco-friendly modal, the Men's Cuffed Yoga Pant does not trap heat and moisture. While it can be a good thing, it also means that these yoga pants absorb quite a bit of sweat. That's something to keep in mind if you're a heavy sweater.

A fair warning: the 4-rth Men's Yoga Pant is supposed to sit tight in the thigh area. If you've worn only baggy shorts and pants before, you might find these ones weirdly snug in the crotch area.

Plus, since the material is fairly thin, the fabric gives a good definition to your muscles as well as genitals. Unless you're okay with that, take a look at more baggy options below.

P.S. According to the buyers, the 4-rth Men's Transition Cuffed Yoga Pant runs a bit small, so order a size up or even two for a relaxed fit.


Dharma Yoga Pants By OHMME


  • bluesign® certified & vegan
  • silky soft & light
  • sweat-wicking & fast drying
  • wrinkle-resistant
  • reinforced gusset
  • stay put in inversions
  • 2 side pockets


  • limited color options
  • might be too thin for winter months

Finding high-quality men's yoga clothing is a challenging task. Finding yoga clothing for men that is also vegan and eco-friendly is even tougher.

Luckily, yoga pants for men from OHMME check all the boxes.

The brand is Bluesign® certified, meaning they operate sustainably and ethically, taking care after their employers, the environment, and resources.

Made of polyester/spandex blend, these Dharma yoga pants are silky soft and very light, making them the perfect companion for summer yoga classes.

If you're a hot yoga fan – even better.

The fabric wicks away sweat and dries fast, taking your performance to the next level.

The users say that these male yoga pants are super comfy, too. They are loose where you want them to be loose and tighter at the bottom, keeping the pant in place every time you lift your legs up.

The best thing? These men's yoga pants don't look like pajama pants. So you can easily take them out for a walk after your yoga class.

Want to know how to choose yoga pants or leggings that won’t let you down? Check out this guide to choosing yoga pants for men and women. You’ll learn about what features to look for in yoga pants, which fabric performs better, and how to take care of your yoga apparel to make it last longer.


YogaAddict Men's Yoga Pants


  • soft & comfortable
  • thick & warm
  • wide waistband stays in place
  • retain shape
  • two side pockets
  • flattering fit
  • versatile in use


  • absorb sweat & get heavy when wet
  • limited color choice
  • might run too long

Good news folks. Men’s yoga pants that perform well in a yoga studio and look decent enough to go out walk the dog or even grab a cup of coffee without feeling too self-conscious exist.

Made of cotton and spandex, the YogaAddict Men's Yoga Long Pants move and stretch with you without bunching up or slipping down. The fabric is on the thicker side and can even provide some extra cushion for your knees.

Many users have found the fit of these male yoga pants flattering: they emphasize your behinds and quads but flare down from above the knee. As a tradeoff, these bottoms will inevitably ride down during inversions.

Heavy sweaters and hot yoga fans beware. YogaAddict men’s yoga pants are super comfortable, but because of the jersey-like fabric, they get wet and heavy. Plus, they don’t dry as quickly as their synthetic counterparts. So unless you want to perspire like crazy and show sweat marks to your group mates, go for thinner or synthetic fabric.

YogaAddict Men’s Yoga Pants come in several dim colors and sizes. Many users mentioned that the pants run too long, so be prepared to have them hemmed if you’re on the shorter side.


HDE Mens 3/4 Workout Yoga Capri Pants


  • soft & comfy
  • lightweight
  • stay put in inversions
  • retain shape
  • two side pockets


  • absorb sweat & get heavy when wet
  • hand wash only
  • narrow choice of colors

Not ready to give up the comfort of your yoga sweatpants to do yoga? Check out this HDE Men’s Yoga Capri Pant.

Made of cotton and spandex blend, these men’s Capri pants are as soft and pleasant to touch as your sweatpants but shorter and thus lighter so you could easily move during your yoga practice.

The drawstring lets you adjust the waist, and elastic cuffs snugly hug your calves preventing the pants from sliding in the inversions.
Users say that the HDE Capri Pants don’t shrink while the waistband and cuffs hold their shape for months to come. But if you want these pants to serve you longer, hand wash them and air-dry to avoid pilling.

Warning: The pants are not breathable enough for vigorous yoga practice. The fabric tends to absorb moisture and gets heavier when wet. Light colors such as Heather Gray will also most likely show visible sweat marks in the crotch area.

Despite that, HDE Men’s Yoga Capri Pant is a good compromise between tight compression pants, which some men feel to be too revealing, and baggy male yoga pants with too much extra fabric. They are a decent, affordable option for yogis who enjoy a more relaxing and slow-paced practice.

Best Straight-Leg & Loose Yoga Pants For Men

Need yoga pants that will take you from studio to street?

Look no further.

These straight-leg and baggy men’s yoga pants below score high on function and versatility.

But most importantly, hundreds of users have already recognized all the options below as their go-to pants for athleisure.

Read on for the best straight-leg and loose yoga pants for men.

Beckons Strength Organic Cotton Men's Yoga Pants


  • made in the US
  • eco-friendly
  • soft & comfy
  • breathable
  • flattering fit
  • great for tall yogis
  • casual & functional


  • limited color options

Feeling not comfortable wearing tight men's pants or leggings?

Then, you'll love these Beckons Strength men's yoga pants.

Made of organic cotton, they are incredibly soft, breathable, and flattering.

The elastic waist features no drawcord for maximum comfort. Try holding Locust for a few minutes with a drawstring pinching into your belly, and you’ll see the difference.

With the straight-leg cut, these yoga pants are a perfect mix of function and style. You’ll do good on your yoga mat and look good running errands afterward.

P.S. Beckons is a small clothing brand with good karma and US-based production. The company is mostly working with only organic and sustainable materials such as fair-trade organic cotton, fleece, and bamboo – good for you and good for the planet.


prAna Men's Vaha Yoga Pant


  • fair-trade certified
  • lightweight & breathable
  • antibacterial
  • flattering straight-leg cut
  • great for tall yogis
  • 2 front pockets
  • versatile in use


  • absorb sweat
  • drawstring can cause irritation

PrAna Men's Vaha Pants look so much like regular men’s pants that you might even get away with wearing them to work.
But don’t let the casual look fool you. They function great in a yoga setting as well, helping you to stretch like a pro and master new asanas with ease.

Vaha male yoga pants are made of the hemp-polyester blend – an excellent choice for hot climates. Hemp is highly breathable and is known for its anti-microbial properties.

Keep in mind that instead of wicking away moisture, hemp tends to absorb it. So you might want to test these yoga pants at home before taking them to a hot yoga class.

There are two front pockets and a hidden drawstring to adjust the waist width for maximum comfort (just in case you shed or gain some pounds).

A pleasant bonus: By purchasing from prAna, you are not only getting high-quality products from the leading yoga goods manufacturer but are also making a difference to change the world. That’s because prAna is one of the first North American apparel companies who became Fair Trade Certified. The company leads its business ethically and sustainably, paying fair prices to the employees, supporting community development, and environmental campaigns.


Cotton Fisherman Wrap Pants By Hippie Pants


Check The Price & Reviews Here


  • ethically made
  • airy & breathable
  • baggy & low-crotch design for maximum comfort
  • versatile in use
  • one-size-fits-all
  • available in multiple colors


  • too wide to control the body form
  • cold handwash only
  • color may bleed

Fisherman Pants used to be the everyday garment of Thai fishermen, as the name suggests. But thanks to their baggy one-fits-all design, they are incredibly comfortable when wearing in the yoga studio, meditating on the beach and simply chilling at home.

Hippie Pants is a small brand based in Thailand. All yoga bottoms from Hippie Pants are ethically designed and made by local artisans.

Made of 100% cotton, these unisex Fisherman Pants are lightweight and super airy whereas the low crotch design ensures maximum comfort during the practice. These pants are the opposite of your usual restricting slacks. And they look pretty cool too.

Since the cotton is prone to shrinking, avoid tossing them into the washing machine. Instead, hand wash the pants separately from other clothes and in cold water.

You can get these Fisherman Pants in multiple colors. Keep in mind that one size fits several waist measurements, so you are expected to wrap the extra material around to the front and fold over the top of the fabric on the waist.

If you’re not familiar with the process of wrapping the Fisherman Pants, check the video below.


Hoerev Men's Harem Yoga Pants


  • soft & comfortable
  • airy & breathable
  • elastic at waist & ankles keep pants in place
  • retains shape
  • come in plus sizes & different inseams
  • available in multiple colors


  • too baggy to control the body form
  • pajama-like look
  • might run too long
  • some colors are slightly see-through

Modal fabric is a lifesaver on a hot summer day. It’s soft, drapes well, and doesn’t trap moisture.

These men’s yoga pants by Hoerev are made of modal-nylon blend and might be exactly what you need for summer yoga sessions. They offer an excellent range of motion and are super comfortable for a lazy day on the couch, too.

With an elastic waist and cuffed ankles, nothing will throw you off balance – Hoerev men’s yoga pants stay put during movement and prevent you from dragging extra fabric on the floor.

That said, Hoerev yoga pants for men are not the best choice for a fast Vinyasa class. Sure, they will keep you cool and comfy, but the excess fabric may stand in the way of some postures. Besides, your instructor may find it pretty hard to see and adjust your body form due to the baggy design of the pants.

There are no pockets, which I don’t think are necessary in yoga pants in the first place; however, some users have found the lack of pockets to put their keys and a phone annoying.

The Hoerev pants come in different sizes (from XS to XXXL) and inseams, but mind that they run slightly big. Several reviewers have found the pants just too long for their height. Plus, because the material is so thin, light colors might not be entirely opaque, so don’t forget to put underwear for your yoga class.

You can get Hoerev Men's Pants in black or 8 other colors to make your yoga routine a tad brighter.

Best Men's Yoga Leggings & Compression Pants

Exceptional ease of movement and maximum performance – that’s the least you can expect from a good pair of men’s leggings.

It’s time to switch off modesty and excessive self-consciousness and give those tight yoga pants a try.

Keep scrolling for the best leggings and compression pants for men.

Alo Yoga Men's Warrior Compression Pant


  • made in the US
  • eco-aware brand
  • lightweight & stretchy
  • second-skin feel
  • moisture-wicking & quick-drying
  • antimicrobial technology
  • elastic waistband with drawcord
  • can be machine washed
  • sewn in gusset & double inseam panel
  • durable


  • gray color shows sweat marks
  • might feel slightly rough on the skin at first
  • limited color choice

Forget that you’re wearing anything at all during your yoga practice because that’s exactly how the Alo Yoga Men's Warrior Compression Pant feels.

Made of high-performance technical fabric, the pants will wick away sweat during the strenuous exercise, dry quickly, and will keep the bad odors at bay. You’ll be stunned by the range of motion and a second skin feel of ALO Warrior Pant and probably would never want to come back to the baggy sweatpants again.

Elastic waistband stays in place and features a drawcord, whereas full gusset increases pants’ durability and adds to the comfort.

A warning: ALO men’s leggings may not be as soft as some of their counterparts so you most probably won’t end up lounging in them on the couch. Plus, the gray color will most likely show some sweat marks if you’re a heavy sweater.

Apart from that, though, ALO yoga pants are known to stand the test of time and survive frequent workouts with grace.

So if you’re looking for high-performance pro-level activewear, look no further.

See the Alo Yoga Men's Warrior Compression Pant in action in the video below.


Under Armour Men's HeatGear 2.0 Leggings


  • soft & comfortable
  • lightweight & stretchy
  • moisture-wicking & quick-drying
  • anti-odor technology
  • front mesh for additional ventilation
  • great for hot yoga
  • available in multiple colors & sizes


  • get slightly sheer when stretched
  • not compressive enough

Compression leggings are the most versatile piece of activewear out there. If you still don’t own any, take a look at Under Armour Men's HeatGear Armour Compression Legging.

These men’s leggings are soft, durable, and extremely lightweight. The tech fabric keeps the sweat at bay, helping you stay cool and dry when the temperatures go up and preventing bad odor. Take them to your hot yoga class, and you’ll be left surprised.

Under Armour leggings for men are not overly compressive but will gently hug your lower body and speed up the muscle recovery after that leg-burning Utkatasana.

Plus, they are extremely versatile. Wear them solo for extreme ease of movement, layer them with shorts to wick away sweat or hide them under the long pants for extra warmth.

A tip: Avoid going commando when wearing these the Under Armour men’s leggings unless you put a pair of shorts over. The mesh gusset in the front pouch helps with the ventilation but gets slightly sheer when stretched.


Men's Compression Pants Base Layer


  • sleek & soft
  • moisture-wicking & quick-drying
  • opaque
  • front pocket for valuables
  • durable
  • available in different colors


  • run too small & long
  • waistband might be too narrow
  • no gusset
  • don’t work well in cold weather

Snugly fitting compression pants from CompressionZ will help you improve circulation, prevent muscle overexertion and speed up the recovery after a tough workout. You can wear them with shorts or without – these pants are entirely opaque and will securely hide everything under.

The nylon-spandex blend is sleek, stretchy and wicks away moisture whether you’re mastering a challenging yoga pose, hitting the gym, or going for a bike ride. Reviewers say the CompressionZ pants stand the test of time, do not lose shape, and hold up well after washing.

If you’re of athletic build, you might find the waistband too thin. It might roll down from time, and the elastic on top might cause slight friction against the skin. Plus, be aware that there’s no gusset, which might put extra pressure on the crotch area and decrease the range of motion.

The CompressionZ men’s leggings come in several colors and multiple sizes to fit every body type. Keep in mind that these pants run slightly small so you might want to size up when ordering if you enjoy a more relaxed fit.


TSLA Men's Compression Pants


  • unbeatable price
  • lightweight & stretchy
  • UV rays protection
  • keep legs warm during winter
  • available in multiple colors


  • don’t offer much compression
  • durability issues
  • might get uncomfortable in the crotch area
  • some colors are slightly see-through
  • run small

If you’ve never worn men’s leggings before and want to try it out, then look no further. Tesla offers one of the cheapest products in the category so if you don’t like the feel of tight pants, you won’t be losing much money.

Tesla Yoga Pants give you a good idea of what wearing men's leggings feels like. They are light, elastic and not restricting, making them extremely comfortable for yoga and stretching.

These leggings for men work great as leg warmers when the studio gets colder during the winter months. Plus, they are suitable for outdoor yoga too. They protect your legs from the harmful UV rays, letting you practice safer and longer.

Be aware that contrary to the title, you won’t get much therapeutic compression from these Tesla Yoga Leggings. You can order your usual size if you prefer a tighter fit, or order one or even two sizes up depending on whether you’re of athletic build or not.

There is also not much space in the crotch area, which might get slightly annoying if you wear these leggings for more extended periods.

Most buyers stick to wearing Tesla men’s leggings under the shorts rather than solo - some colors tend to get slightly sheer during the downward dog or squats.

Men's Yoga Pants & Leggings: FAQ

Can I Do Yoga In Jeans Or Regular Pants?

You can do anything you want. There are no official rules about what men should or should not wear to a yoga class.

Sure, you can give jeans or regular pants a try. But will you feel comfortable?

Try getting into a Deep Squat (aka Malasana) in regular pants. I bet you'll face one of these two scenarios:

  1. It would be darn hard to do
  2. Your pants will break in the crotch area.

Hatha Yoga (which is the type of yoga you're most likely to practice) involves lots of expansive movements that we're not used to doing in normal everyday life. Hence, regular day pants or jeans are simply not flexible enough to move with your body.

Men's yoga pants and leggings are on the stretchy side so that you could move in different directions comfortably and without fear of ripping your pants.

Plus, yoga pants and leggings for men improve performance by wicking away sweat and letting your lower body breathe when it gets hot.

Can I Wear Casual Sweatpants To Do Yoga?

Usually, average heavy-duty sweatpants are just too heavy, thick, and restricting.

Men's yoga pants (or any workout pants for that matter) offer a better range of motion and breathability.

Bonus: yoga pants often come with flat-lock seams and no tags so you wouldn't stop during your practice because of the annoying chafing.

Trust me, you don't want to think about your clothes when you're balancing in the Dancer's Pose or mastering the handstand. Good male yoga pants make you forget you're wearing anything at all.

Are Leggings The Same As Yoga Pants?

It's a tricky question.

Not every yoga pants are leggings, and not every leggings are yoga pants.

To put it simply, yoga pants are workout pants that come in different styles: bootcut, straight, skin-tight (aka leggings).

Essentially, workout leggings are just a type of really tight yoga pants.

Check out this post to learn the difference between yoga pants and leggings.

Are Leggings The Same As Compression Pants?

Compression pants are skin-tight leggings with an added technical feature of compression. That means they are not only made of flexible fabric, featuring flat-lock seams, reinforced gusset, etc. but they are also extremely supportive and snug.

Compression pants and compression leggings are really tight. There's some evidence that this tight "hug" of the compression pants can decrease inflammation, speed up recovery after a tough workout, and improve blood circulation.

Some people prefer compression leggings for aesthetic purposes (tummy control, leg, and booty-shaping).

Can Men Wear Leggings?

I don't see why not. It's a matter of personal preference. If your leggings get too sheer in the front or you're too self-conscious about the "bulge," you can always wear a longer T-shirt to cover up the front part of your body. Or use your leggings as a base layer by throwing a pair of yoga shorts on.

Why Do Guys Wear Compression Pants And Leggings?

Well, how about comfort?

Really, leggings are one of the coziest pieces of yoga clothing you can wear.

But let's take the comfort out of the equation here.

Men's leggings are generally great at:

  • Wicking moisture. If you tend to sweat, high-quality leggings will prevent you from leaving a pool of water on your mat.
  • Drying fast. Again, when you sweat, even a simple Tree Pose is a challenge. It's hard to keep balance when your foot is threatening to slide down your thigh and throw you off balance. Men's leggings will keep you cool and dry.
  • Keeping you warm (or cool). Depending on the type, you can use your leggings as a base layer during colder months or as a cooling layer on hot days.
  • Improving your flexibility. That's right. It's easier to become flexible when your pants are flexible.
  • Keeping you focused. Whether you're lying in Savasana or playing with handstands, men's leggings are likely to be the last thing on your mind. They stay put when you put your feet up and don't have annoying cloth flapping around when you're revving up your Sun Salutations.
  • Emphasizing your strong points. Not so much in terms of performance, but you could really show off those leg muscles in leggings.

Have I convinced you yet?

What Are Men's Leggings Called?

Just call them leggings. But you can also come across an edgy term “meggings.”

What’s The Difference Between Cheap And High-End Male Yoga Pants And Leggings?

I won't make promises that the higher the price tag of your yoga pants, the better/more durable/flexible/sustainable they are. Because to be honest, that's not always the case.

There are lots of factors at play:

  • Fabric & Technical Properties. More expensive yoga pants and leggings for men are usually made of proprietory fabric, either recycled or organically/locally sourced. High-end brands make sure the material has a pleasant feel and performs as good as it looks. Think antimicrobial properties, good moisture-wicking and breathability, etc. Expensive fabric is more likely to retain its shape after prolonged use and don't bleed. With cheap brands, you'll hardly know where the fabric comes from (and even if that's really that fabric that says on the tag). Cheaper technical fabrics might be slightly coarse and provoke chafing and skin irritation.
  • Production & Employees. With really cheap brands, the whole production process is covered in mystery. You don't know where your yoga pants were made, by whom, whether those people get paid in the first place and what the working conditions are.
    Ethical and many high-end brands often keep the process of production as transparent as possible, regularly auditing their supply chain, and encouraging worker empowerment initiatives.
  • Sustainability & Giving Back. It often happens that brands with a heftier price tag are often much more eco-friendly than those that have a below-average price. Expensive yoga pants are often made with recycled fabrics (or at least a part of it) while using less water and little to no chemicals during the production stage.

However, that's not always the case. Adidas leggings for men, for example, are, on average, twice cheaper than those from Manduka and Lululemon, while the company does more good for the environment and its employees.

Which style do you prefer for practicing yoga: baggy yoga pants or tight leggings?

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