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The 10 Best Yoga Shorts For Men [That Are Better Than Lululemon]

Laura Finch on June 25, 2020
Laura is a yoga teacher who completed 200 hours of training.

Finally, the number of male yogis in the US is growing – just as the number of activewear brands. With the vast choice of styles, cuts, tech features out there, a yoga man doesn’t have to live by Lululemon shorts alone.

So go ahead and get a fresh yoga look with these amazing finds:

From Rhone to prAna, keep scrolling to see and shop YogaKali roundup of the best yoga shorts for men.

10 Best Yoga Shorts For Men

Saxx Men's Athletic Shorts

Key Features

  • semi-compression fit
  • 7” inseam
  • polyester shell with a nylon & elastane liner
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • drawstring closure
  • on-seam pockets & security zip pocket
  • patented BallPark Pouch
  • flat-out seams for chafe-free experience
  • moisture-wicking & quick-drying
  • odor-resistant
  • versatile in use

Cons 😓

  • grey color may show sweat

There's only one thing more comfortable than going commando to your yoga class - wearing Saxx Men's Athletic Shorts with an in-built liner.

But let's rewind a bit here.

Saxx is a Canadian-based company that promises to redefine your understanding of men's underwear. The brand swears by their guarantee to bring men the ultimate comfort down there - no chafing, no friction, no irritation.

How do they do it?

Through Saxx patented technologies:

  • BallPark Pouch that supports important private parts and prevents any friction, even when you sweat.
  • Flat Out Seams that prevent irritation even during the longest workouts.
  • 3D-Fit for maximum support around major muscle groups: glutes, thighs, quads, and hamstrings.

Add essential technical properties into the mix (breathability, odor control, moisture control, 4-way stretch), and you get men's yoga shorts that you'd never want to take off.

One buyer even said, "If possible, I would wear them every day."


Rhone Mako 9"

Key Features

  • relaxed fit
  • 9" inseam
  • nylon-spandex blend
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • moisture-wicking & quick-drying
  • lightweight & breathable
  • drawcord closure
  • 4 pockets (including a zipper pocket)
  • gusseted seams
  • versatile in use

Cons 😓

  • pockets might sag when carrying heavy items
  • might need to size down

It doesn't matter what gets you moving - Rhone Mako Men's Workout Shorts are made with you in mind.

Gym, yoga, CrossFit… you name it, these shorts for men are designed to take you everywhere you go, even if it's just a couch for today.

Made of stretchy technical fabric, these boys wick away moisture and bad odors, leaving you fresh and dry even during the hottest days.

P.S. Try using Rhone Mako shorts for swimming, and you'll never get back to your average swimming shorts again.


Yoga Crow Mens Swerve Shorts w/ Liner

Key Features

  • slim-fitting cut
  • 7”-8” inseam
  • nylon & polyester blend
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • moisture-wicking & quick drying
  • breathable
  • odor-resistant
  • non-abrasive inner liner
  • 2 side pockets
  • wide color choice

Cons 😓

  • might be too heavy for hot yoga

Unless you've been living under the rock, you've probably heard about yoga shorts for men by Yoga Crow.

Why all the hype?

Yoga Crow is one of the pioneers of creating shorts for men who specifically do yoga. Not that you can't take these yoga shorts to the gym or for a run. But a yoga studio is where you'd truly appreciate their performance.

Made of 4-way stretch fabric, there men's yoga shorts move with you without bunching or restricting your flow. The users say Yoga Crow bottoms don't require adjustment and don't collapse in inverted poses.

Plus, these yoga shorts for men come with a whole bunch of crucial activewear features: moisture-wicking and quick-drying design, breathability, and odor-resistance.

Check Yoga Crow yoga shorts for men in action:


RVCA Men's Yogger Stretch Short

Key Features

  • slim fit
  • 17’’ outseam
  • 90% polyester, 10% elastane
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • lightweight & airy
  • moisture-wicking & quick-drying
  • anti-odor control
  • pull-on closure
  • mesh side vents for extra breathability
  • gusset for increased range of motion
  • zippered back pocket
  • versatile in use

Cons 😓

  • runs large

Not a liner type? No problem.

These yoga shorts for men by RVCA will keep everything covered even when you get into the Dancer Pose.

Plus, thanks to their snug fit around the legs, these men's bottoms won't ride up when you get upside down.

RVCA Men's Yogger Stretch Short is made of a stretchy fabric that moves with you, repels moisture, and dries fast. So whether you're up for a fast yoga class, a jog, or a gym, go ahead, break a sweat.

You're in good hands.


Hurley Men's Phantom Flex 2.0 Walkshort

Key Features

  • eco-conscious brand
  • relaxed fit
  • ~ 9.5" inseam
  • recycled polyester/polyester/spandex
  • stretchy & soft
  • extremely lightweight
  • moisture-wicking & quick-drying
  • breathable
  • zip fly with button closure
  • side pockets and secure back pocket
  • versatile in use

Cons 😓

  • make a swishy sound when you walk

Looking for men's yoga clothing that can take you from studio to street? Hurley Phantom Flex Shorts have got you covered.

Made of super lightweight and stretchy Phantom fabric, these men's workout shorts are perfect for any setting: doing yoga, lifting weights, taking a swim... Even going out to a formal party – nobody will ever notice you're wearing workout shorts. Really.

Besides, these yoga shorts for men are incredibly lightweight and breathable, so you'll stay dry even on the hottest summer day.


4-rth Mens Transition Yoga Shorts

Key Features

  • eco-conscious brand
  • made in the USA
  • form-fitting cut
  • 5"-8" inseam
  • modal french terry fabric
  • stretchy & soft
  • lightweight & breathable
  • elastic drawstring closure
  • side rib “paneling” for greater range of motion
  • 2 front pockets
  • wide color choice

Cons 😓

  • absorb moisture

The 4-rth Men's Transition Yoga Shorts are almost weightless and incredibly comfy.

Made of soft modal fabric, they are designed to move and stretch with you and handle splits, squats, or whatever experiments you're up to today.

Thanks to their snug fit, the 4-rth Mens Transition Yoga Shorts don't bunch up, ensuring a focus and no-fuss yoga practice.

Bikram yoga fans beware: these eco-friendly shorts absorb sweat and might get slightly too revealing by the end of the class if you skip underwear.


prAna Men's Sutra Short

Key Features

  • fair-trade certified
  • relaxed fit
  • ~ 11" inseam
  • 53% hemp / 44% recycled polyester / 3% spandex
  • stretchy & soft
  • light-weight & quick-drying
  • anti-odor properties
  • drawstring closure
  • front patch pockets & 1 back pocket
  • inseam gusset
  • versatile in use

Cons 😓

  • absorb moisture

Get the most out of your day with prAna Sutra Yoga Short for men.

Thanks to stretchy hemp blend, these men's bottoms easily transition from a yoga studio or a bouldering wall to your favorite couch without getting stinky. Their anti-odor hemp fabric is also lightweight, quick-drying, and surprisingly pleasant to the touch.

Keep in mind that prAna Sutra Men's Yoga Short is slightly baggy, so remember to wear underwear to your yoga class unless you want to flash your private parts in front of strangers.


Beckons Integrity Yoga Shorts Men's

Key Features

  • made in the USA
  • eco-friendly
  • relaxed fit
  • organic cotton-lycra blend
  • stretchable & soft
  • breathable
  • zipper & tie front closure
  • elasticized back
  • cargo pocket & 2 side pockets
  • versatile in use

Cons 😓

  • absorb sweat
  • limited color choice

Feel great and look great with Beckons Integrity Yoga Shorts for men.

These stylish USA-made shorts are made of organic cotton, so no chemicals get onto your body during yoga and into the atmosphere during the production.

Plus, organic cotton is very pleasant to touch, breathable, and surprisingly durable.

Another great feature: these men's yoga shorts have a whole bunch of pockets to store your keys and valuables on days when you want to leave your bag at home.


prAna Men's JD Short

Key Features

  • made in the US
  • bluesign® certified
  • tight fit
  • ~ 5" inseam
  • 90% recycled polyester / 10% spandex
  • superior flex
  • lightweight & breathable
  • moisture-wicking
  • elastic closure
  • articulated seams for durability
  • great for intense/hot yoga practice

Cons 😓

  • lack of color options
  • no pockets

When it comes to Bikram or hot yoga, these prAna JD Short is an ultimate crowd-pleaser.

Made of recycled polyester and spandex, these hot yoga shorts for men are incredibly stretchy and lightweight, so you can flex and bend without restriction.

Users say these men's shorts breathe well when the temperature goes up and capture the sweat (and you will sweat in Bikram class). Plus, they don't annoyingly ride up as some of the compression shorts do.


Manduka Men's Performance Mesh Short

Key Features

  • eco-friendly
  • global recycled standard certified
  • tapered fit
  • 8.5” inseam
  • 87% recycled polyester/13% spandex
  • four-way stretch mesh fabric
  • lightweight & breathable
  • moisture-wicking & quick-drying
  • elastic waistband with drawcord
  • interior compression brief
  • 2 hand pockets
  • great for any workout

Cons 😓

  • lack of color options

Are you a fan of hot yoga, but not so much of snug-fitting yoga wear? These Manduka Men's Performance Mesh Shorts are probably the best hot yoga bottoms out there.

With their tapered fit and inner liner, Manduka men's yoga shorts are just the right length and cut to feel "covered," yet insanely comfortable.

Plus, the mesh fabric will breathe and leave you cool and dry even in the hottest yoga class.

3 Types Of Men's Shorts You Should Not Wear To A Yoga Class

There are no official rules about what men should or should not wear to a yoga class. But for the sake of your comfort and respect towards other people, you might want to stay clear of these types of men's shorts:

A man shaking his head "nah"

  • Baggy shorts without a liner – these might work great for the gym or basketball, but not for a yoga class. They will bunch up in lunges and ride up the moment you lift your leg into the air. Needless to say, going commando in these shorts is a big no-no.
  • Supershort shorts – these are comfy, unrestrictive, and great for home yoga practice (I know since I own a pair). But if you're planning to wear those to a yoga class, think of all the unfortunate people who will practice behind you while you're getting in Downward facing dog.
  • Jeans shorts – these look modest in a yoga setting, but can easily break your practice. Jeans shorts are not only restrictive but also start chafing the moment they get slightly wet from the sweat.

Choosing Yoga Shorts For Men: 9 Features To Consider

The daunting search for the best yoga shorts gets much easier if you know the demands of your yoga class and set your priorities straight. I suggest jotting down a quick list of features you're looking for in yoga shorts. This way, you'll be able to sift through yoga shorts that don't fit your lifestyle and focus on researching the options that are right for you.

Fabric: Natural or Synthetic

Natural materials include cotton, organic cotton, hemp, modal, etc. These are breathable, pleasant to the touch, and generally, work great for traditional and slower Hatha yoga classes.

Shorts made of natural fibers can also double as workout shorts for the gym and are comfortable enough to lounge around the house.

That said, natural fibers absorb sweat and tend to get heavier when wet. Depending on how much you sweat, you might want to think twice when wearing natural fabrics to Bikram yoga or running.

A man covered with sweatmarks leaving the gym - animation

The most common synthetic fabrics are polyester, nylon, spandex.

Men's yoga shorts made of these blends are lightweight and moisture-wicking. Some of the shorts easily double as swimming shorts since they dry so fast.

Some yoga clothing manufacturers also treat their activewear with anti-odor technologies, preventing stinky bacteria from growing and leaving you smelling fresh even after a long HIIT workout.


Natural fabrics are skin-friendly and biodegradable (though some materials such as cotton are still contributing to pollution and require significant energy and water resources).

Many natural fibers such as organic cotton, hemp, or linen are not treated with chemicals and pesticides during the production process, making them safe to wear, safe to produce (think of factory employees, too), and much better for the planet.

On the other hand, synthetic fabrics are one of the biggest culprits of global pollution.

Not to get too biological here, synthetics are basically heavy-processed plastic treated with a variety of chemicals from the very start of the production to the very end. It can't be good for the environment, and it's not good for our skin either.

Plus, synthetics keep polluting our planet even after the production - they shed plastic fibers into waterways during every wash.

Fish eating plastic bottle - plastic pollution animation


The length of yoga shorts is a matter of preference. Both knee-height and mid-thigh length will work great for yoga. Just make sure not to wear anything too short unless you want to expose your private parts.


Men's yoga shorts come in relaxed, form-fitting, or snug cut, depending on how much freedom you like. Avoid going commando in baggy shorts that don't have an in-built liner.


Some yoga shorts for men earn extra points thanks to added features such as a gusset for durability and mobility, stretchy side paneling for improved range of motion, reinforced seams for durability, or flat-lock stitching for non-chafe practice.


Men's yoga shorts with liner will save you the hassle of finding a comfy pair of workout underwear. A liner will hold everything in place, preventing accidental exposure and chafing.

Not a liner type? There's a wide choice of activewear that gives you all the freedom you need down there.

Yoga naked - animation


Most of the yoga shorts for men come with at least one or two pockets for storing small valuables such as keys, ID, or even a phone. Just make sure that pockets are not too bulky or large since they can restrict your movements.


Men's shorts feature either an elastic waist or a drawstring closure. I personally prefer elastic waist since some drawcords can cause irritation and pinching in belly-down yoga postures. That said, elastic waistbands might get loose with time.


Some yoga shorts for men easily double as workout shorts, running shorts, and even swimming shorts. These Hurley Men's Phantom Flex shorts are even stylish enough for a more formal outing. If you live an active lifestyle, it makes sense to invest in one pair of shorts that can endure anything: a vigorous yoga class, a long jog, and a day at the gym.

What Shorts To Wear To Bikram/Hot Yoga

If yoga shorts are my size and I look good in them, I can wear them to a hot yoga class, right?


It's Really Hot in Here - hot yoga animation

Hot yoga and Bikram take place in a hot and humid room. Simply lying in these conditions for 10 minutes makes any extra layer unbearable (that goes for heavy cotton underwear too!). Ideally, the fewer clothes you wear, the better, but you probably want to keep some modesty in a group yoga class.

Choose yoga shorts made of moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics that won't soak with sweat. Tighter shorts with a shorter inseam will also likely perform better at capturing your sweat and cooling your body off.

In the case of natural fibers, choose hemp with its antimicrobial properties or lightweight bamboo with its high breathability.

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